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PRME Chapter LAC

The PRME Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Chapter was initially discussed at the 1st PRME Regional Meeting LAC, which took place in December 2011 at IAE Business School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, co-organised by CLADEA with support of the Global Compact Network Argentina.

The PRME Chapter LAC was officially launched in 2013 at the 2nd PRME Regional Meeting LAC at CENTRUM Catolica Business School, Lima, Peru, and after a productive 3rd meeting, PRME signatories in attendance at Egade Business School, June 2014, expressed the intention of the PRME Chapter LAC to become formally established, and thus signed a declaration and agreement as to the main goals and core value proposition for the Chapter.

The meetings took place annually in the following years, followed by an Assembly of members:

4th PRME LAC Regional Meeting - October 2015 at Universidad Externado in Bogota, Colombia.

5th PRME LAC Regional Meeting - September 2016 at UNSAM in Argentina

6th PRME LAC Regional Meeting - September 2017 at ISAE in Curitiba, Brazil

7th PRME LAC Regional Meeting - September 2018 at University of Lima, Peru

8th PRME Regional Meeting - October 2019 at Cetys Mexicali, México

9th PRME Regional Meeting Online - November 2020, hosted by ISAE in Curitiba, Brazil

The main activities of the PRME Chapter LAC include:

  • Convene Annual Meeting for the region
  • Develop Research Network for LAC
  • Research and develop collection of good practices on SIP Reports for LAC

Chair of PRME Chapter LAC: Dr. Gustavo A. Yepes (gustavo.yepes@uexternado.edu.co)

Governance structure and coordination include:

  • PRME Chapter LAC Advisory Committee
  • PRME Chapter LAC Chair and Co-Chair
  • Focal Points

See the Chapter website for more details

For more information on the PRME Chapter LAC, please contact:

Chapter Chair: Dr. Gustavo A. Yepes, Universidad Externado de Colombia (gustavo.yepes@uexternado.edu.co)

No resources available for this chapter.

Signatory Members

Azteca University Brand Industry - TA Centro de Estudios Universitarios "16 de Septiembre" CESA - Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración College of Business and Management - CETYS University Cordoba Management School Corporacion Universitaria Americana EGADE Business School Escuela de Posgrado Newman Externado School of Management Facultad de Administracion, Universidad de los Andes Facultad de Ciencias Administrativas y Economicas, FCAE Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Facultad de Contaduria Publica y Administracion Facultad de Contaduria y Administracion, Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua Facultad de Economia y Negocios, Universidad Anahuac Mexico Norte Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina IAE Business School ICDA - Instituto de Ciencias de la Administración IESDE Business School Inalde - Business School Institucion Universitaria Politecnico Grancolombiano Instituto de Educación Superior John Von Neumann Instituto Panamericano de Alta Direccion de Empresa (IPADE) Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Monclova School of Management - Institucion Universitaria Salazar y Herrera School of Management, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru School of Management, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente UDEM Business School Universidad Cesar Vallejo SAC Universidad de Belgrano Business School Universidad de la Costa Universidad de Lima Universidad del Cono Sur de las Americas Universidad del Magdalena Universidad del Norte Universidad del Pacifico Universidad del Rosario Universidad EAFIT Universidad EAN Universidad El Bosque Universidad ESAN Universidad Panamericana Campus Bonaterra Universidad Privada del Norte Universidad Simón Bolívar Universidad Tecnológica de Cancún Universidad Tecnológica de Tabasco
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