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PRME Chapter Australia & New Zealand

The Australia & New Zealand (AUSNZ) region is a very active PRME Signatory base comprising a group of schools that are not only active within the global PRME network, but also actively engaged in pushing the agenda for responsible management education forward with a range of innovative approaches to support the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The AUSNZ representation began with the initiation of the PRME in New York in 2008 with two business schools’ attendance and commitment to PRME signatory - LaTrobe (Victoria) and Griffith (Queensland). Since 2008 both of these business schools have promoted the PRME by being involved in the PRME global forums, being members of key advisory groups for the PRME Champions structures, developing international collaborations with other PRME business schools and promoting the PRME both domestically and internationally through conferences, events and speaking engagements.

The PRME Chapter Australia/New Zealand was endorsed as an Emerging Chapter by participants at the 2nd PRME Australia/New Zealand Forum, hosted by Griffith Business School (Australia) in 2012. We transitioned to an established Chapter in 2017 with a strong network signing the Memorandum of Understanding at the 5th AUSNZ PRME Forum held at Deakin University, Melbourne.

The Australian New Zealand Chapter has grown in 2024 to a network of 36 Australian and New Zealand Higher Education Institutions. Enabling university graduates to become effective citizens and active change agents is a key driver of this region’s higher education sector. The recognition that business schools play a major role in cross-sector collaboration to ensure we leave our world in a better place than what we found it drives our regions’ PRME passions and amplifies our commitment to responsible management education and values of sustainability and global responsibility.

Students studying in Australia and New Zealand come from across the globe. Large numbers of diverse cultures offer us rich exploration for teaching and learning but also numerous challenges in the way to tackle all 17 SDGs in the curriculum, research and partnerships. The PRME AUSNZ Chapter comes together as a community to share knowledge and ways. In the following section, we summarise some of these key collaborative efforts and partnerships at the local, national and international level.

The main activities of the Chapter include:

  • Strengthening responsible management education and PRME participation in the region.
  • Conducting community of practice events on key topics of interest for the chapter.
  • Advancing projects and priorities of the PRME secretariat.
  • Joining with the Australian Business Deans Council to advance collaborative initiatives.
  • Advancing PRME initiatives through joining events such as the ANZAM conference and ABEN conferences.
  • Supporting chapter signatories with information on PRME activities and priorities.
  • Research World Tour -Assisting Early Career Researchers in publication development in responsible management education.

The Chapter chaired by:

Dr Rob Hales

Contact: r.hales@griffith.edu.au

PRME Board Member

Professor Lesia Sargent - leisa.sargent@sydney.edu.au

The Steering Committee members are:

Fara Azmat fara.azmat@deakin.edu.au
Joya Kemper joya.kemper@canterbury.ac.nz
Mehran Nejati m.nejati@ecu.edu.au
Brigid Morrison brigid.morrison@utas.edu.au
Fiona O'sullivan fiona.osullivan@sydney.edu.au
Chamila Perara chamilaperera@swin.edu.au
Giselle Weybrecht gweybrecht@thesustainablemba.com
Christopher Wright chris.f.wright@sydney.edu.au
Chunshan Li pgs_oceania@unprme.org

For more information, please contact:

Dr Rob Hales, Co-Chair Australia & New Zealand Chapter. Griffith Business School, Griffith University.

Contact: r.hales@griffith.edu.au

Contact Chapter email: Chapter_AUSNZ@unprme.org

PRME Research World Tour Aus-NZ
PRME Research World Tour Aus-NZ Download PRME Research World Tour Aus-NZ URL
Community of Practice - First Nations August 2023  PPT1
Community of Practice - First Nations August 2023 PPT1 Download Community of Practice - First Nations August 2023  PPT1 URL
Community of Practice - First Nations August 2023  PPT2
Community of Practice - First Nations August 2023 PPT2 Download Community of Practice - First Nations August 2023  PPT2 URL
i5 Trailer
i5 Trailer Download i5 Trailer URL
2023 PRME Chapter Annual Review Report
2023 PRME Chapter Annual Review Report Download 2023 PRME Chapter Annual Review Report pdf

Signatory Members

Adelaide Business School Auckland University of Technology Business School Australian Institute of Management Education & Training (AIM Business School) Bond University Faculty of Business Charles Sturt University School of Management & Marketing College of Business and Economics, University of Tasmania College of Business, Law and Governance, James Cook University Curtin University Deakin University, Faculty of Business and Law Edith Cowan University School of Business and Law Faculty of Business & Economics and Melbourne Business School Faculty of Business, Law and Arts, Southern Cross University Faculty of Law and Business, School of Business, Australian Catholic University Federation Business School Griffith Business School Health Education and Training Institute La Trobe Business School Macquarie Business School Monash Business School Murdoch University Newcastle Business School, University of Newcastle RMIT University: College of Business and Law School of Business and Law - Central Queensland University Swinburne School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship The University of Sydney Business School UC Business School UniSA Business University of Auckland Business School University of New England UNE Business School University of Queensland Business School University of the Sunshine Coast University of Western Australia Business School University of Wollongong Faculty of Business and Law UNSW Business School UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney Victoria University Business School Wellington School of Business and Government
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