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PRME Chapter CEE


The main aim of the PRME Chapter Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), established in 2016, is to give a stronger voice to PRME signatories of the CEE region within the PRME initiative and Responsible Management Education (RME) movement and provide them with more visibility, highlight good practices, as well as facilitate better exchange of ideas and experience in the area of RME relevant for the region.

It serves as a regional platform for dialogue, collaboration and collective action to further advance RME and sustainable development in support of broader UN goals.


According to global CEO surveys, responsibility and ethics are key factors for long-term corporate success. Thus, Sustainable Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics are an increasingly important part of management education. Unsurprisingly, these topics have been regularly added to the curricula of many schools of business and economics. Educational institutions in Central and East Europe still have room for improvement in this regard, which is why the PRME CEE steering committee has not only started an initiative to integrate ethical responsibility in their research and teaching programs but also seeks to share its experiences with the public and other institutions. It has developed the related know-how in cooperation with the partner schools of Applied Sciences looking for deepening of competence in the field of Sustainable Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics.

Trainings organized within the framework of PRME CEE Chapter opens up new perspectives on corporate ethical responsibility to professors, politicians, educators, management trainers and leaders both in business and society.


6th PRME CEE Regional Meeting, Corvinus Business School (Budapest, Hungary), 2019

Between 30th and 31th May, 2019, 19 colleagues from 11 business schools worked together for two days at Corvinus Business School to join efforts for promoting ecological and social sustainability in and of higher education. The Central and Easter European Chapter of the UN-based PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) shared its good practices, learned about Corvinus Science Shop and elaborated on six future projects. Thanks for the cooperation Prague University of Economics (VSE), University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business, Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Bled School of Management, CEEMAN, Cracow University of Economics, Lviv Business School, University of Zagreb and Budapest Business School (BGE).


5th PRME CEE Regional Meeting, University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business (Slovenia), 2018

The fifth PRME Chapter CEE meeting took place at the University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business, Slovenia, from 5th-8th September 2018. The meeting title: Creatively educating socially responsible citizens of the world, with the guest speakers: full professor Sandra Penger, PhD, associate professor Jože Rovan, PhD, assistant professor Darija Aleksić, PhD, assistant professor Judita Peterlin, PhD, Healthy lifestyle promotor Nataša Mulec, MSc and student and entrepreneur Andraž Flis. The event has been managed and coordinated by assistant professor Judita Peterlin, PhD, and Ms Klavdija Besednjak (University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business).

4th PRME CEE Regional Meeting, Prague University of Economics (Czech Republic), 2017

The fourth PRME Chapter CEE meeting took place at the University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic from 30 to 31 August 2017, and was organized within the framework of ERASMSUS + Training. The meeting title: Responsibility and Ethics in Management Education for PRME CEE, with the guest speaker: Prof. Dr. Mathias Schüz for Business Ethics from ZHAW University, Zurich. The event has been managed and coordinated by Dušan Kučera, PhD., MBA (University of Economics, Prague, ISBM institute).

3rd PRME CEE Regional Meeting, RANEPA (Moscow, Russia), 2017

The Third PRME Chapter CEE meeting takes place in Moscow, Russia in January 13th, 2017 within the frames of the Gaidar Forum (http://en.gaidarforum.ru/), and is hosted by The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) (http://www.ranepa.ru/eng/). The FELU was presented by the Alumni President Mr. Janez Škrabec.

2nd PRME CEE Regional Meeting (Tallinn, Estonia), 2016

The 2nd PRME Chapter CEE Meeting took place in Tallinn, within the frames of the 24th CEEMAN Annual Conference on the 28th of September. Main focus was on the future steps of the Chapter as well as discussing the topic of Boosting Social Entrepreneurship through Management Education. Close to 50 participants from 16 countries joined the meeting.

1st PRME CEE Regional Meeting, RISEBA (Riga, Latvia), 2016

The chapter held its 1st PRME Regional Meeting CEE on 18 - 19 April 2016 at RISEBA University of Applied Sciences in Latvia. During this meeting, 56 delegates from 19 PRME signatory business and management schools across Central and Eastern Europe came together to agree on a Constitution and Steering Committee, and to discuss ideas on the roles, activities, and events for the new PRME Chapter.

PRME Chapter CEE Steering Committee (2023 - 2025)

Danica PURG, IEDC-Bled School of Management (Slovenia)

Dusan KUCERA, University of Economics Prague (Czechia)

Galina ZILGALVE, RISEBA (Latvia)

Marina SCHMITZ, IEDC-Bled School of Management (Slovenia)

Katalin ASVANYI, Corvinus University (Hungary)

PRME Chapter CEE Steering Committee (2019 - 2023)

Chair: Mikolaj PINDELSKI, Assistant Professor, SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Vice-Chair: Dusan KUCERA, Assistant Professor, University of Economics Prague

Vice-Chair: Evgenia PASHKEVICH, Associate Professor, Director for International Programs, RANEPA (2019 - 2022)

Judita PETERLIN, Assistant Professor, University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business

Rim ABDULLIN, Deputy Dean of School of Public Policy, Almaty Management University

Gabor HARANGOZO, Associate Professor Corvinus University of Budapest and Corvinus Business School

Nina KORYAKINA, Senior Lecturer, Coordinator for Volunteering and Charity Projects, Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School

Svitlana KYRYLCHUK, PR and Partnership Manager, Lviv Business School of UCU

Irina SENNIKOVA, RISEBA University of Applied Sciences Rector and CEEMAN Vice – President


For more information, please contact:

PRME Chapter CEE Chair, Mikolaj Pindelski (mpinde@sgh.waw.pl)

No resources available for this chapter.

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