Coming 11 December: Refreshed Principles of Responsible Management Education

The Principles for Responsible Management Education underwent a Refresh after 15 years. We are excited to share our refreshed Principles with our community on 11 December.

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Opportunity Routledge Call for Book Proposals from PRME Signatory Members
25 August, 2023 New York, United States

Routledge Call for Book Proposals from PRME Signatory Members

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and Routledge have partnered to produce a ground-breaking book series, focusing on responsible management education and its application in practice.

Since the inception of the United Nations (UN)-supported Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in 2007 under the UN Global Compact, there has been increased debate over how to adapt management education to best meet the demands of the 21st-century business environment. While consensus has been reached by the majority of globally focused management education institutions that sustainability must be incorporated into curricula, research and organizational practice, the relevant question is no longer why, but how.

The PRME initiative has more than 800 signatories in over 91 countries worldwide. Alongside encouraging new institutions to sign up to the initiative, the Routledge/PRME book series aims to cultivate and inspire actively engaged academics and business practitioners. Volumes in the series will offer conceptual and theoretical frameworks, case studies, and best practices, as well as analysis of lessons learned, challenges that need to be overcome, and recommendations for change. They will support implementation of the Six Principles of PRME, as well as the related UN Global Compact Principles and the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Books in the series aim to develop current and future managers and leaders as change agents and advocates for responsible management practice across the globe.

The Editorial Board is currently accepting proposals. We are particularly interested in contributions on the following topics that directly related to the PRME Working Groups, i.e.:

  • Anti-corruption
  • Human rights and business
  • Business for peace
  • Climate change and the environment
  • Gender equality
  • Addressing poverty
  • Sustainability mindset
  • Sustainable leadership

Institutions, structures and organisations (e.g. the role played by collaborative initiatives such as the UN Global Compact) on management education. More generally, submissions in the broader areas of responsible management education and sustainability practices and policies will be considered. These may be related to, for instance:

  • Responsible management learning, change and innovation
  • Critical perspectives on responsible management education
  • Competences for responsible management
  • Unusual managerial paradigms, for instance, biomimicry, humanism, spirituality or indigenous philosophies like Daoism or Ubuntu.
  • Management education for developing responsible entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, inclusive business and new business models
  • Pedagogies, methodologies and educational design for responsible management education
  • Responsible management training and development on the job
  • Responsible management education to promote inclusive and equitable quality education and life-long learning opportunities for all
  • Responsible management related to the Global Compact and other UN initiatives such as the Principles of Responsible Investment, and the SDGs
  • Management education and responsible public policies, institutions, administration and management
  • How-to guides and textbooks for responsible management across professional occupations and functions (e.g. the responsible accountant, the responsible general manager, the responsible marketer)
  • Regional and comparative perspectives on responsible management (education)

Proposal guidelines: Books/edited collections

For books (monographs and edited collections), authors should send us:

  • A cover letter that explains the concept and aims of the proposed book.
  • A description of the intended readership including discussion of: (a) whether the readership will be especially strong in any particular geographic area, (b) whether the book is useful to an academic or practitioner audience, (c) whether the book is intended as a textbook, and if so, at what level.
  • A description of how the proposed volume differs from other books currently on the market, including a commentary on what other material has been published on this topic.
  • A full CV, including previous publications if appropriate.
  • A detailed Table of Contents or, for an edited collection, a list of possible/probable contributors.
  • An indication of the intended size of the book, either in pages or words.
  • Several sample chapters including an introductory chapter.
  • A proposed timeline, including likely completion date.
  • Suggestions on how the book might be marketed (key audiences, networks that may be interested, potential course adoptions) and whether there are possibilities for bulk purchases by the author(s) or his or her organisation(s).

We encourage proposals from academics, business practitioners and policy makers.

The full proposal review process takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

Proposals should be submitted to:

Rebecca Marsh

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more specific guidance or would like to discuss a proposal.

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