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Responsible Management Education (RME) Week


The objective of Responsible Management Education (RME) Week is to advance responsible management education and its impact worldwide through convening and knowledge exchange.

Our life is undergoing a profound transformation. The Earth’s ecosystems are increasingly overwhelmed, geopolitical instability is rising, and technology is disrupting our daily lives at an ever-increasing pace. Global business is also changing–with an increasing need for leaders to be bold, thoughtful and innovative while rising to the challenges at hand and making businesses a vehicle for solving environmental and social challenges.

We all know that it is through education that we prepare the next generation of leaders for life, future generators of sustainable value for business, and informed decision makers. Underscoring the critical role of education, particularly business schools, PRME realized the need to promote collaboration among various stakeholders to emphasize the importance of driving positive societal change and creating a sustainable future for all.

This led PRME to host the first ever Responsible Management Education (RME) Week in 2023. RME Week encompasses various discussions, talks, workshops, and social gatherings to provide educational players with the skills and inspiration needed to address important global concerns with the aim to transform the business education landscape. It welcomes researchers, deans and professors, youth and business leaders to connect together, so we may shape the future of business and management education, in an action oriented space to connect and build avenues for impactful collaboration.


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17 - 21 June

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), the Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) Network, and Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) have teamed up for a week of convening focused on transforming education and research in business and management schools while also creating a community of practice for collaboration and shared learning.

# 17 June

Navigating the Ecosystem of Support for Teaching Business Sustainability | Virtual

Around the world, business school educators are increasingly aiming to integrate more sustainability content into their teaching practices. This journey isn't always easy -- but many organizations help light the way.

In this session, hosted by the Network for Business Sustainability, leaders from international organizations which support educators in this journey will present the resources and services their organizations offer. Participants will gain a broader sense of the resources available and how to use them.

Following the presentations, participants will rotate through breakout rooms for Q&A sessions with each organization's representative (a “World Café” model). Participants can ask questions about the organizations, and organization leaders can ask for input or feedback on offerings.

Finally, the session will end with a panel where organization leaders take a wider view of the ecosystem, considering questions like: “How do these organizations fit together?” "Might there be collaboration or synergy?" “What can we learn (or have we learned already) from one another?” etc. We hope this panel will be informative for general attendees and spark new thinking or future collaborations among the organizations represented.

Register for the session and explore past resources from the NBS Series on Teaching Climate.

# 18 June

2024 PRME Global Forum | Virtual

The 2024 PRME Global Forum’s strategic vision is to accelerate the global collective impact of responsible management education while also serving as a space to learn and connect with passionate stakeholders. It will bring together all walks of life from business, academia, the United Nations, the public sector, and the PRME community to accelerate the positive impact responsible management and business education is making on the leaders of tomorrow.

The theme of this year's Global Forum will be Accelerating our Common Agenda.

Following the "chasing the sun" method, PRME will offer 16 hours of programming spanning a variety of time zones to reach our global community:

  • Eastern Hemisphere: 02:00 - 06:00 (offered in English)
  • PRME Time: 08:00 - 16:00 (offered in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish)
  • Western Hemisphere: 18:00 - 22:00 (offered in English)

Attendees can expect a dynamic program, ranging from panels that discuss creating social impact and the responsibility of a digital future, to breakout sessions that dive into the ways in which the Principles of responsible management education can be applied to key business and school disciplines such as accounting & finance; marketing; economics & public policy; analytics; and management.

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2024 Positive Impact Rating Results: Celebrating Positive Impact Business Schools

Included as part of the 2024 PRME Global Forum

The Positive Impact Rating presents its 2024 report finding celebrating leading impact business schools in the top three rating level. The session includes poignant insights from more than 20,000 student voices across the world and provides recommendations on how schools can work with students in their transformation journey to increase their societal impact. The session is led by Thomas Dyllick (PIR) and Carolin Lemke (oikos international).

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# 19 - 21 June

2024 Responsible Research Summit | Cambridge, UK

Hosted by Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge, UK

Sponsored by Cambridge Judge and Cornell University

About: The 6th annual Responsible Research Summit, to be hosted in person at Cambridge Judge Business School aims to advance responsible research for its credibility and societal relevance. The event will feature diverse keynote speakers from a wider research ecosystem (i.e., Universities, International Institutions, Companies), panel discussions focused on issues impacting academic scholarship, working sessions aimed at participants to commit to actionable engagement toward RRBM’s principles and vision as well as it will showcase award-winning examples of responsible research.

Target Group
: The event is aimed at all members of the research ecosystem within business and management fields that are interested in pushing and promoting the agenda of responsible research that is both credible and socially impactful.

Location: The event will take place at Downing College, Cambridge with address: Howard Theatre, Cambridge CB2 1QF, United Kingdom

Registration Fee: £150

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12 - 16 June

PRME invited partner organizations to help live out the theme “Connecting for Impact Worldwide” with surrounding events to make up a full week of impact in different topics for discussion around management education, such as The NBS Sustainability Centres Community and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative in a dedicated day on systemic change for sustainability on 15 June; Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, supported by the Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing, in a dedicated morning for an exclusive conversation on the ESGs in business school research and education on 16 June; and Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University and The Center for Humanistic Management for an impactful conversation during the morning of the same day on “Transforming Business Education”, bringing key stakeholders of the business education universe together including business organizations, academic institutions, as well as ranking and rating groups along with students, media and other partners.

# 12 June

The Impactful Five (i5) Workshop

PRME's Impactful Five (i5) project hosted it's first in-person introduction workshop to PRME Signatory Members. This workshop provided a glimpse of the three-year i5 program that brings novelty to SDG leadership education by focusing on pedagogical approaches that make sustainable development the norm for responsible management education and leadership in business education.

Positive Impact Rating (PIR) Global Summit 2023

The PIR Global Summit provides space for shared learning and exchange and builds on the best practices of leading business schools. It is a unique opportunity to learn from peers and across regions and perspectives.

# 13-14 June

2023 PRME Global Forum
The 2023 PRME Global Forum, the annual flagship event of PRME, over two days explored topics such as pedagogy, climate change, digital transformation and fluency, and humanistic leadership, bringing together business school leaders, faculty, students, business leaders, research center experts and sustainable development organizations to advance responsible management education's impact on a global scale. Additionally, parallel sessions and workshops took place during the 2023 Global Forum addressing complementary topics such as inclusivity in the classroom, climate education, indigenous wisdom, market simulations, and accountable leadership.

2023 PRME Global Forum Reception at the United Nations Headquarters
This reception was held to celebrate the achievements of the PRME community faculty and students, as well as recognize exemplary reporting by Signatory Members.

# 15 June

Systems Change for Sustainability: Connecting and Collaborating on Grand Challenges

The NBS Sustainability Centres Community joined the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative for a full-day interactive workshop on how to drive system change for sustainability. The workshop represented the next step towards impact. Participants explored the role of business schools in driving systems change for a just and sustainable world, and advance particular projects through connection and collaboration.


  • explored how to apply systems thinking to sustainability challenges;
  • shared practical examples of systems change projects and found opportunities for connection and collaboration;
  • found additional ways to integrate systems thinking into business school education, research, and outreach.
# 16 June

ESG in Business School Research and Education

A high-level meeting (by invitation only) with top world leaders for an exclusive conversation on the ESGs - Environmental, Social and Governance standards - in business school research and education, hosted by the Wharton ESG Initiative and the Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing.

Humanistic Management Workshop

This workshop, led by Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business and the International Humanistic Management Association, included impactful conversations on how to transform business education, with the approach of humanistic management.