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PRME Chapter Iberia

The PRME Chapter Iberia (Portugal and Spain) has been reactivated!

At this point, we have a Steering Committee leading the design, launch, and implementation of the Strategic Plan 2022-2025 and aiming to live up to any PRME’s Regional Chapter key objectives:

• Increase the visibility of PRME and its signatories in Iberia

• Engage all PRME Signatories and provide a platform for dialogue, learning, and action on responsible management and leadership education

• Adapt the Six Principles of PRME into the local context and develop and promote activities linked to the Principles

• Mainstream the SDG in the curriculum, research, and external engagement activities

Outlook and Goals for 2022-2025


Key Activities


  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Best practices from Higher Education Institutions | 23.11.2023 - Click here for powerpoint presentations of the projects "Girls For Girls" (G4G) and Inclusive Community Forum (ICF)
  • "Impactful Five (i5) - Practices for Teaching Responsible Leadership" | Amber Kamilah | 06.06.2023 - See recorded webinar here
  • SDG Mapping | Wilfred Mijnhardt | 8.03.2023 - Click here for the powerpoint presentation

i5 Literacy Certification Process:

The PRME i5 European Expert Pedagogy Group are delighted to announce the i5 Literacy Certification Scheme

The PRME ‘Impactful Five’ (i5) Program is an ambitious project to nurture responsible leaders by integrating collaborative, meaningful and playful learning among global leadership educators. Sign up to learn more about the pedagogic research behind the i5 program in this Stage 1 Webinar and hear from members of the i5 Expert Pedagogy Group with first-hand experience of developing the PRME Impactful Five (i5) Playbook and experience of implementing its practices in the classroom.

Participants develop their understanding and continuous implementation by completing all Stages in a consecutive manner until i5 literacy is fully achieved in Stage 5. Certificates for attending, respectively successfully completing individual Stages will be provided. A recording of the Stage 1 webinar will be available, while Stage 2 onwards will be synchronous (online/offline) only. For questions relating to i5 in the Iberia Chapter, please contact PRME (i5) Expert Pedagogy Group member ana.simaens@iscte-iul-pt

Link for registration:



Key activities:

Key Commitments:

•Implement a Strategic Plan that considers all signatories;

•Promote in-depth understanding of the HEI Case to the SDG, leading to its explicit reference in Signatories’ reporting and communication pieces;

•Organize an annual general meeting open to all Chapter members to discuss the strategic direction and development of the Chapter, as well as organize additional activities on substantial issues for PRME and Chapter Iberia in particular;

•Promote and encourage cross-chapter knowledge exchange;

•Contribute to the PRME Annual Report by regularly updating ChapterIberia’ss webpage with an outlook of the year;

•Develop a SIP Report of PRME Chapter Iberia.


Details of main activities upon the reactivation

•Launch of a Chapter Iberia’s survey to all signatories to understand further their perceptions of what a PRME Chapter mean, how it would be useful in their sustainability roadmap, and whether they would be willing to collaborate.

•Analysis of survey data and development of a report, which has been presented to the Steering Committee and PRME’s board.

•Presentation of this survey methodology for the other Chapters, aiming for their replication.

•Further comprehension of the global context, and the common language of “decade of action”, “build back better” and “no one left behind”, the ESG criteria and the role to play of HEIs by deep diving in PRME’s Blueprint and SDSN’s Accelerating Guide.

•Development of a Strategic Plan document, which has been shared within the Steering Committee and discussed in an open meeting.

Survey to signatories, main conclusions

40% response rate
•Integration of SDGs and PRME seems to be a core priority, yet HEIs still lag in terms of effective actions

•Not all HEIs are at the same level of progress on what concerns PRME and the SDGs across different dimensions: school positioning, community awareness, local community engagement, SDG integration across curriculum and research; report and accountability;

•It is not an usual practice for signatories to map SDG-relation of curriculum, research and partnerships.

•High expectation that the Chapter becomes a platform for dialogue and sharing of best practices, inspiring each other to follow through

As an Emerging Chapter without election or appointment processes in place, we defined a democratic procedure as the way forward. Each member showed interest in the various existing or new roles they proposed and then voted anonymously. Chapter Iberia intends to follow through with this process.

Do you have doubts about what PRME Chapter Iberia is and how your School can benefit from engaging with us?

Do you want to integrate the SDG Agenda across your institution but do not know where to start? Or perhaps you have doubts about one particular aspect?

Do you want to share one of your best practices with the Iberian signatories?

Reach out to us!


Executive Summary: Blueprint for SDG Integration
Executive Summary: Blueprint for SDG Integration Download Executive Summary: Blueprint for SDG Integration URL
PRME Chapter Iberia Booklet
PRME Chapter Iberia Booklet Download PRME Chapter Iberia Booklet pdf
G4G Download G4G pdf
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