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If you are the focal point for a Signatory Member and haven't received an invitation to join PRME Commons, please update your institution's contact name, title, and email address ASAP in your PRME account and email us at prmecommons@unglobalcompact.org.

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Why Join PRME?

  • Faculty development and resources: Our comprehensive programs, expert insights from the community, and collaborative platforms offer educators the tools and knowledge needed to stay at the forefront of sustainable business practices.
  • Track and share your commitment to Responsible Management Education: PRME’s Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) Reporting provides a structured framework to assess your impact, set meaningful benchmarks, and demonstrate your commitment to responsibility in business education.

  • Equip your students for global impact: Access resources which prepare your graduates with the skills and knowledge to drive positive change, foster sustainability, and make a lasting difference on a global scale, ensuring they are well-positioned for success and social impact in their careers.

  • Entry point to UN ecosystem: Distinguish your institution as leaders in responsible management education by upholding and adhering to the values of the United Nations while amplifying your impact on the world stage.

  • Network of 800+ like-minded institutions: Collaborate on projects with dynamic local and global learning communities from around the world - 200,000+ faculty in 800+ institutions across 90+ countries - driving positive change in business practices and fostering a community dedicated to responsible management education.

  • Interactive programs and high-level events: Immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and conferences, all designed to connect you with the latest insights and strategies in responsible management education.

Learn more about how PRME Signatory Members are integrating the SDGs in their curriculum, research, and partnerships, through their engagement in PRME.

Membership Model & Fees

PRME Signatory Membership Model

The growth and impact of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative is made possible by the engagement of over 800 Signatory Members and partners from across the world that are committed to a common mission: transforming management education and developing the responsible decision-makers of tomorrow to advance sustainable development. In addition to being a movement, PRME is also a non-profit organization that relies on the generous contributions of PRME Signatory Members to support its mission as well as the Secretariat team, which serves the interests and programmatic work of the community.

PRME Annual Contribution

Based on an institution’s operating budget, each Signatory Member will be expected to contribute within their means at their corresponding tier, with no difference in engagement opportunities across tiers. The tiers are adjusted annually to account for inflation and other factors.

This business model ensures PRME has a sustainable long-term plan for lasting impact. We have come to understand that even a small monetary contribution incentivizes in-depth engagement beyond biennial reporting.

The intention of an annual contribution is to make Signatory Member participation across the world fair and inclusive. To support the development of the PRME Regional Chapters, a percentage of the global fees is put into a Development Fund and redistributed to Chapters to support their activities.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the PRME Signatory Membership Model, please reach out to the PRME Secretariat at info@unprme.org.


Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) Reporting

A central commitment of any institution participating in the PRME initiative is to regularly share information with its stakeholders on the progress made in implementing the Seven Principles through a Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report. As a key integrity measure, the SIP's main objective is to serve as a public vehicle for information on responsible management education. In addition, the SIP can be an effective tool for facilitating stakeholder dialogue and a learning community among signatories.

Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) Reporting 2.0

After 15 years of SIP Reporting on PRME's Six Principles, we have recognized the importance of the Signatory Members’ SIP Reports as a way of reporting their PRME implementation journey within their institutions and as a way of communicating these advances to internal and external stakeholders. With its implementation in 2008 until today, there are more than 2,800 reports available on our website, evidencing the commitment of Signatory Members within the environment of responsible management education.

During this period, different stakeholders have collaborated for the evolution of sustainability and impact reporting, whether in the higher education or business environment, since multiple frameworks and many metrics are emerging and growing in importance. With the advancement of visibility around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) metrics, these topics have taken the lead in the need to "walk the talk". Building on an era of advancing the PRME Principles, with an action-oriented mindset, a new SIP reporting scheme can strengthen the convergence of responsible management education, impact and responsible business.

How to Join


Academic institutions that are publicly recognised (i.e. legal/government recognition) and are degree-granting (with business programs provided) are eligible to join PRME. PRME does not offer membership to individuals.


To join PRME, interested institutions should fill out an application. The application has 8 steps and takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete if all the required information has been gathered. A letter of commitment signed by your institution's highest executive (Dean, President, etc) will be required. We are happy to share a template for the Letter of Commitment for your convenience. You can download a PDF of the application questions to help prepare you before you submit here.

Next Steps

After your application is reviewed and approved your institution is ready to set in motion changes to implement the Six Principles and to inspire and enable a better world through responsible management education:

  • Engage your designated points of contact in PRME programs and invite other colleagues to participate in events and other member benefits.

  • Contribute to the PRME Annual Contribution Fee.

  • Begin preparing for your institution's Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report.

  • Engage further in the PRME community! Connect with your local PRME Chapter; get involved in an issue-area Working Group; check out upcoming activities and events taking place.