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Wellington School of Business and Government

Victoria University of Wellington

Status Communicating Signatory
Type of Organization
Parent Organization Victoria University of Wellington
Location Wellington , New Zealand
Website https://www.wgtn.ac.nz/business
Member Since 05 June 2014
Last Report Submission 10 October 2023

Wellington School of Business and Government creates and shares knowledge of governance and management of resources in the public and private sectors to develop capability and provide our stakeholders with a global perspective. He mōkehu ka tākirihia kia ōrauariki.

Wellington School of Business and Government is located in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand’s centre of innovation, entrepreneurship, policymaking, and creativity.

As a capital city business school, we take pride in developing leaders who have the ability to consider the commercial, governance, and social implications of economic activities. We understand that organisational success requires financial, environmental, and social sustainability.

SIP Reports

Report Title Report Year Country SIP Reports
WSBG 2023 SIP Locally Grounded Leadership for Global Transformation at a Capital City Business School 2023 New Zealand View Report
WSBG 2021 SIP Transforming our world at a leading Capital City university 2021 New Zealand View Report
VBS 2019 SIP Preparing students for Agenda 2030 at a Capital City university 2019 New Zealand View Report
VBS 2016 SIP Educating tomorrow's business leaders at a Capital City university 2016 New Zealand View Report

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