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College of Business, Law and Governance, James Cook University

James Cook University

Status Non Communicating Signatory
Type of Organization University
Parent Organization James Cook University
Location Townsville , Australia
Website https://www.jcu.edu.au/college-of-business-law-and-governance
Member Since 14 April 2022

James Cook University - College of Business, Law and Governance

As Australia’s only university established to focus on the issues of Northern Australia and the Tropics worldwide, James Cook University (JCU) is dedicated to helping the world’s tropical regions to prosper. Through world-class research and productive industry partnerships, JCU is focused on delivering innovative and impactful outcomes that help secure a sustainable future for our region.

The College of Business, Law and Governance recognises the importance of responsible management education in meeting sustainability challenges which impact our students and communities. We aspire to develop graduates who have the knowledge, skills and disposition to succeed in a global workforce through our focus and commitment to the principles of sustainability, authentic learning experiences and global citizenship.