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The Chapter Steering Committee of the PRME Chapter Africa was formed in June 2022.

The scope of the PRME work is the African continent and includes existing PRME signatories in 11 African countries, including Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, Ghana, The Gambia, Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa.

There are currently 20 communicating higher education institutions within the geographic region of PRME Chapter Africa and considerable scope for growth and development of PRME values, engagement, and activities in Africa.


The Africa Chapter is highly committed to provide PRME regional signatories with a forum to advance the Principles for Responsible Management Education, discuss issues of mutual interest and concern, as well as share and develop good practice and innovative approaches in Responsible Management Education.


The provisional committee is guided by the six PRME principles and is committed to working collaboratively together and with colleagues in other chapters as advocates of responsible management education. The committee also pledges to help others pursue the PRME ambition of integrating the SDGs into business school strategy, including teaching, research, partnerships and organisational practices.

Mission statement for the provisional committee.

The Chapter Steering Committee of PRME Chapter Africa is responsible for advancing the mission of PRME, the PRME principles and the SDGs within Africa, for actively engaging with business schools and higher education institutions and growing PRME membership across the continent.

The purpose of PRME Chapter Africa is:

  • to engage and grow the PRME network in Africa;
  • to advocate and develop thought leadership in responsible management education and research in Africa;
  • to promote and facilitate knowledge sharing on PRME in Africa; and
  • to support the implementation of the Six Principles and the integration of the SDGs in business schools and HEIs in Africa.

The key objectives of a PRME Chapter Africa are to:

  • apply the Six Principles in the African context;
  • increase the visibility of PRME and its signatories in Africa, by advocating for responsible management education, research, and developing thought leadership;
  • actively promote the growth of the Africa Chapter by engaging with non-communicating signatories, as well as business schools and higher education institutions that are not yet PRME signatories;
  • engage all PRME signatories in Africa and provide a platform for dialogue, learning, and action on responsible management education;
  • engage with other PRME Chapters, PRME Working Groups, PRME Global Students, and other PRME platforms and projects;
  • share examples of best practice on how to integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the curriculum, research, partnerships, dialogue, external engagement activities, and the internal practices of the school or institution; and
  • develop knowledge sharing and thought leadership amongst PRME signatories in close connection with the respective UN GC Local Networks and their members.

The main activities of the Chapter Steering Committee of PRME Chapter Africa include:

To fulfil this mandate and advance the key objectives set out above, PRME Chapter Africa is required to perform the following activities.

  • Organise an annual general meeting (AGM) open to all Chapter members to discuss the strategic direction and development of the Chapter.
  • Host at least one additional annual activity on a substantial issue for PRME. This second event can be held in conjunction with the AGM.
  • Actively promote regular communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration between Chapter members, and communicate activities taking place in the different regions of the Chapter, as well as Chapter events and activities.
  • Encourage Chapter members to participate in the Annual PRME Global Chapter Forum.
  • Encourage members to engage and work together with UNGC Local Networks at country level.

Further details may be found in the Governance section and the Resources section.

Latest Chapter News:

PRME Chapter Africa AGM and Annual Chapter Event held on 11th January 2023 at the American University in Cairo.

2023 Chapter Africa AGM
Delegates attending the AGM and Annual Chapter event

PRME Chapter Africa Governance Approved 16 Feb 2022 Web Version

The inaugural Chapter Steering Committee of PRME Chapter Africa has now been confirmed.

The Chapter Chapter Chair is Sherwat Elwan Ibrahim.

The Chapter Vice Chair is Mumbi Wachira.

Secretariat responsibilities are held by the Gordon Institute of Business Science

For more information on the PRME Chapter Africa, please contact:

Prof Sherwat Elwan Ibrahim ( - The American University in Cairo, Egypt

Dr Mumbi Wachira ( ) - Strathmore University, Kenya

Dr Jill Bogie ( - Gordon Institute of Business Science, South Africa

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