Coming 11 December: Refreshed Principles of Responsible Management Education

The Principles for Responsible Management Education underwent a Refresh after 15 years. We are excited to share our refreshed Principles with our community on 11 December.

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SDG Library - Grand sustainability challenge: Social inclusion

Content produced by INCAE Business School and VIVA Idea

Module 1: What is social entrepreneurship?

This module defines what is social entrepreneurship and its importance of social in achieving institutional inclusion in LATAM. It presents the main types of organizational forms and how an organization can build a path into transforming into a social enterprise. Finally, it provides a case study that details an organization’s path to creating a social enterprise.

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Module 2: Access to impact investing

This module defines what impact investing is, why it is important to achieve social inclusion, and what type of organization is suitable for such an investment. It also provides a case study that details the relationship between a social entrepreneur and impact investor and the complexities this relationship entails.

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