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SDG Library - Social Entrepreneurship Module

What is social entrepreneurship?

This module defines what is social entrepreneurship and its importance of social in achieving institutional inclusion in LATAM. It presents the main types of organizational forms and how an organization can build a path into transforming into a social enterprise. Finally, it provides a case study that details an organization’s path to creating a social enterprise.

Introduction to social entrepreneurship from the perspective of developing regions

Often times social entrepreneurship is defined as generating social and/or environmental impact while at the same time achieving financial sustainability. However, when defining social entrepreneurship from the perspective of developing regions, entrepreneurs must look beyond the term of “generating impact” and focus on how they will operationalize sustainable development to achieve the economic, social, and environmental impact intended. To do so, social entrepreneurs must learn to create new markets in contexts of poverty using a market approach to generate, achieve, and scale their impact. Ultimately, the strategy of social entrepreneurs is to negotiate impact for resources with diverse players interested on their social and/or environmental impact.


Readings (Optional)

Case Study


Group Discussion