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2013 PRME Summit

Now available - 2013 PRME Summit Proceedings

The PRME Secretariat and CEEMAN co-organised the 2013 PRME Summit - 5th Annual Assembly on 25-26 September 2013 in Bled, Slovenia. This event was held in conjunction with the 21st CEEMAN Annual Conference on 27 September.

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Following the good practice of convening PRME Summits between the biennial Global Forums, Steering Committee member, CEEMAN, the association of 210 members from 51 countries, and the PRME Secretariat are co-organizing the 2013 PRME Summit on 25-26 September 2013 in Bled, Slovenia.

The 21st CEEMAN Annual Conference, which will be held on 27 September in conjunction with the 2013 PRME Summit, will enable participants to continue their discussion, while also learning more from best practices and lessons acquired from the inspiring innovations in leadership development taken by CEEMAN members.


To continue the creation of a new intellectual, research, teaching, and institutional agenda that develops leaders for the future we want, the Summit will be a forum to share learnings from the innovations that have been taking place among PRME signatory schools. The concept of “4 I’s” will enable to cover the four major facets of PRME:

  • Inspiration: What inspiration we can get and how we can learn from philosophy, history, science, culture and arts, sports, and other fields?
  • Innovation: How to unlock the next level of management education and leadership development? What role could and should PRME Champions play in this respect?
  • Implementation: How to ensure and facilitate a wider and deeper implementation of PRME, sustainable development and responsible leadership among business schools and their stakeholders worldwide? What is the role that PRME Chapters could and should play to facilitate this?
  • Impact: What can we do as individuals, management development institutions, their associations, including through partnerships with our stakeholders, to ensure a deeper and persistent impact on the new role of business, responsible leadership and sustainable development?


As traditional for major PRME events, the 2013 Summit will combine plenary sessions with keynote addresses, panels and Q&A, as well as a series of roundtables which will further contribute to hearing the voice of educators, business community, policy makers, youth, and Summit participants in general.

Who attended?

The 2013 PRME Summit was a forum for all those engaged in the development of responsible leaders: business school leaders, faculty members and researchers of PRME signatories and schools that have not yet joined PRME, business and HR executives, those responsible for CSR and sustainable business practices, UN Global Compact local networks and offices, governmental representatives and NGOs, youth, media, and the general public.

For more information, view Summit website here.