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Executive Summary: Blueprint for SDG Integration
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Executive Summary: Blueprint for SDG Integration

The objective of this PRME Blueprint for SDG Integration is twofold. First, it aims to provide concepts and frameworks to support business schools – both PRME Signatories and non-signatories – as they integrate the SDGs into their curricula, research and partnerships. Secondly, it aims to provide a practical focus by offering examples of approaches already adopted by business schools. In doing so, PRME acknowledges that integrating and/or mainstreaming the SDGs into the business school context is a dynamic process with no “one size fits all” solution. Business schools need to create their own SDG pathways, based on their starting points, the prevailing context, their organizational capacity and their needs. The PRME Blueprint offers a roadmap for business schools that have already embarked on their SDG journey, those beginning their journey, and those considering the challenge.

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