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PRME Chapter France & Benelux

Responsible Management Education: Mobilising for Impact

PRME Chapter France-Benelux
Annual Meeting

Leuven, 14 -15 March 2024

Mobilizing for Impact

The PRME Chapter France-Benelux Annual Meeting will be hosted by KU Leuven, in the old city of Leuven (Belgium). Leuven is the place to be on 14-15 March 2024!

Website link: https://feb.kuleuven.be/eng/events/prme-2024/PRME-event

Key dates

  • 15 December 2023
    • Launch of call for proposals
    • Opening of event registrations
  • 14 February 2024
    • Deadline to submit proposals to present your sustainability project(s)
    • Deadline to submit proposals to the PRME Research Paper Development Program
  • 1 March 2024
    • Closing of event registrations
  • 10 March 2024
    • Final event program posted online

Ready to present?

Your project

Participants are encouraged to submit a proposal to present their own or university's/business school’s sustainability project(s)/initiative(s)/idea(s)/suggestion(s) at the event. Proposals are in the areas of CSR/sustainability education, research, campus operations, and community outreach, or transversal. You'll find more information here.

Your research paper

The PRME World Tour Research Paper Development Program is made possible by the generous partnership with two of the world’s leading international journals in the responsible management and business-in-society field: Business & Society and Journal of Business Ethics. The PRME World Tour Research Paper Development’s Organizing Committee is chaired by a former co-editor of Business & Society and has senior scholars from both journals with research experience from different world geographies. Each workshop will be organized with one or more PRME representatives from the region. Each workshop is open for engaging with senior scholars and mentors from other relevant journals.

Researchers and Ph.D. students are welcome to submit their paper(s). You'll find more information here.

Registrations for the event open on 10 December 2023, and close on 23 February 2024

  • Fees Day 1: 14 March 2024
    • Day 1: € 65
    • Social event: € 65
  • Fees Day 2: 15 March 2024
    • Day 2: € 65
  • Fees include coffee breaks and lunch. The social event includes diner.

Participants are free to compile their own program as they see fit.



Responsible Management Education: Mobilising for Impact

The PRME France & -Benelux Annual Chapter Meeting will be hosted at KU Leuven, (Leuven, Belgium), on 14 & 15 March 2024.

Since 2017, the PRME France & Benelux Chapter have touched on various themes, with most recent topics including “Young people are a force for change” (Solvay, Brussels), “From collaboration to action” (TBS, France), and “Responsible Management Education: Creating positive change” (RSM, Rotterdam). As a Chapter which “envisions to transform the mindset of business and society, in the region, by making ethics, sustainability and responsible management education the norm (PRME France-Benelux Chapter Vision, 2017)”, the theme will continue in this trend, by delving deeper into how to “mobilise for impact”, looking at students, faculty, communities, stakeholders, organizations and finding new opportunities to co-create and collaborate as a chapter.

2 days to foster collaboration, find inspiration and “mobilise for impact”:

The 2-day event offers an excellent opportunity for our PRME Chapter members, and other stakeholders, to network, be inspired, learn from experts and one another, and to create a meaningful experience for all involved. Research presentations, updates (on i5, Chapter Steering Group and PRME), student involvement opportunities and various workshops are also included in the jam-packed 2-days.