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PGS Collective Circles: Final Flow Game

The first round of the PGS Collective Circle, a series of conversations among students in the scope of the PGS Collaborative Development Process, is nearing its end.

After five constructive meetings with students from the Americas, Europe, and Africa, including two circles hosted during the 2021 Virtual PRME Global Forum, we will close this first round with a Final Flow Game on 11 July (Sunday): 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (ET) If you are interested in attending the Final Flow Game, please send an email to pgs@unprme.org Join us!

The Final Flow Game is the closing activity from the PGS Collective Circles when together, students will play around with central questions raised during the Circles to drive reflections into action following the further Design Phase of the PGS Collaborative Development.

The second round of PGS Collective Circles destined for students in Africa, Asia, and Oceania will occur in late August and September. The precise days and times will be announced soon.

Check out the PRME Global Students webpage for more information about our student-run movement.