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If you are the focal point for a Signatory Member and haven't received an invitation to join PRME Commons, please update your institution's contact name, title, and email address ASAP in your PRME account and email us at prmecommons@unglobalcompact.org.

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First International Worldly Leadership Summit 2009

We invite you to join us for a Leadership Summit that aims to build new ways of addressing present and future global needs. Current leadership models are struggling to meet the global challenges of economic stability, poverty, health and sustainability. This, the first International Wordly Leadership Summit, will examine a wide and dispersed range of leadership wisdoms and practices, drawn from non-mainstream, localised, ancient or indigenous traditions that could still be relevant today in a global context. The focus of this interactive summit will be on finding practical ways for leaders to connect, collaborate, challenge and act in order to lead ‘worldly’ change within and across our organisations, and address the many challenges we all face in bringing about an ethical, responsible and sustainable future. For more information visit: worldlyleadership.org To discuss: Professor Sharon Turnbull, sharonturnbull@leadership.org.uk, +44 (0)1989 760705 To register: Linda Keirby-Smith, lindakeirby-smith@leadership.org.uk, +44 (0)1989 7607