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CR3+ Conference CSR: Expanding Horizons

26 - 28 March 2014

26-28 March 2014 - Melbourne, Australia

In 2014 the new La Trobe City Campus on Collins Street will play host to an array of Keynote speakers from a variety of research areas including; CSR and Strategy, CSR and Reporting, Relational ethics in partnering with Indigenous Peoples, Education, Finance, Gender Equality, Faith and Spirituality, and Human rights.

Over the course of two big days a variety of new papers discussing the relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in business will be presented.

Over the last decade, CSR has become a significant aspect of operating within the Business sector, both Private and Public. In recent years it has developed from a “Soft” Management Style into a widely accepted form of governance for global corporations who increasingly find themselves stretched across a number of legislative jurisdictions. Many authorities blame a lack of CSR at a management level as a leading cause of poor governance practices that lead to events such as the Lehman Brother’s financial collapse and subsequent Global Financial Crisis. But even so the importance of this conference at this time is noted:

‘We’ve kind of dropped off the moral discussion around what companies should be responsible for, given their great power… It used to be about the business case and moral case, but my engagement with companies is that they want to know how it’s going to help them this year’, said Dr Deanna Kemp, a Keynote Speaker for the conference and Deputy Director with the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM).

This United Nations supported Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) -backed conference will focus on how CSR can be integrated, and indeed, should be integrated into all aspects of an organisation; from dealings with colleagues, to dealings with stakeholders, across all departmental functional areas. The CR3+ conference will disseminate the views of academics and industry leaders from different parts of the world on effective and innovative ways to achieve this. Presentations will be made by industry and academic thought leaders from Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Europe.

See Web site at La Trobe Business School CR3+ conference.