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CEEMAN Program Management Seminar

Program Management Seminar is three-day program for managers of educational programs aimed at improving program management processes and achieving operational excellence in business education and management development. During the three-day seminar, participants will improve skills related to the promotion and delivery of educational programs and learn about best practices in initiating, developing, organizing, coordinating, and streamlining program management processes and methodologies.

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The 13th edition of the Program Management Seminar invites applications from program managers, coordinators, and directors, as well as institutional leaders (deans, directors, and heads of departments) interested in organizing and improving the program management function at their institutions.
The program is designed and delivered as a living example of a best practice. While emphasizing the need for educational programs to meet participants’ expectations and challenges, the Program Management Seminar strongly emphasizes also the needs of its participants.
Some of the topics covered are:
  • The complex role of the program manager in program delivery
  • Building a positive learning environment
  • Understanding target markets
  • Delivering high-level customer satisfaction
  • How to decide on marketing investments to increase enrollments
  • Admission systems
  • Post-program activities
  • Managing alumni relations
  • Managing the performance of program staff
  • Hiring and motivating program management staff
  • Dealing with difficult participants
  • Working with faculty and gaining the cooperation of institutional leaders
  • Handling ethical dilemmas in the program manager’s role
  • Time management and handling the pressure of the job
The previous editions of the program in 2005-2016 were attended by almost 400 participants from over 130 institutions in 40 countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Practical, relevant, challenging. It is an incredible program that allows you to rethink wide area of approaches. Thank you! (Halyna Shlapai, Kyiv School of Economics, Program Management Seminar 2016).

For more information, please visit www.ceeman.org/pms, or contact Ms. Maja Medja Vidic, CEEMAN Head of Projects, maja.medja@ceeman.org.