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US Capacity Building Workshop: Refining the business school USP

Location: Miami Herbert Business School, Executive Education Centre Dining Room

PRME and AMBA are hosting a workshop for business school professionals, deans and associate deans, program directors and managers, faculty members, internationalization experts at business schools in the US.

The demographic landscape is changing across the United States, resulting in a smaller pool of students who are looking at attending universities and business schools. Coupled with that is the high cost of higher education, leading many to pick certifications and online education providers as an alternative. The results are clear: declining students numbers (especially for undergraduate programs) are leading to financial pressures for a vast number of institutions across the country.

This workshop will invite leaders and professionals from business schools to discuss and debate how finding unique selling points (USPs) will be necessary for the survival of many business schools, and what some potential untapped USP’s may be. Attendees will also learn how other business schools in the country have been able to leverage their USPs to successfully increase enrollment numbers as well as the quality of the education that they provide.

This workshop is provided free of charge, however, please note that it is limited to 50 participants and only those who register first will be guaranteed a space.