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The Russian/American Symposium on Teaching Civic Engagement Teaching

The Russian/American Symposium on Teaching Civic Engagement Teaching supported by N. I. Lobachevsky,Nizhni Novgorod University,Nizhni Novgorod, Russia, and Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. occurred November 8 to November 14, 2009 for the purpose of determining howto teach students to engage in civic responsibility. The above symposium resulted from support of Rector Chuprunov, Lobachevsky University, and President Web, Spring Arbor University, in signing a mutual agreement of cooperation. In 2009, Dr. James Coe, dean of the Gainey School of Business after speaking at an international conference at N. I. Lobachevsky Nizhni Novgorod University, agreed with Rector Chuprunov that a NNU delegation composed of Finance, Sociology, and Social Work faculty may exchange ideas regarding civic engagement pedagogy with SAU faculty from similar disciplines. The Deans from the named disciplines, Dr. Naomi Larsen and Dr. James Coe, coordinated the symposium to take place at SAU. The fifteen Russian delegates were housed at the Michindoh Conference and Retreat Center in Hillsdale, Michigan. The symposium sessions occurred at the Conference Center and on the main campus of Spring Arbor University. Each attending delegate gave a paper on civic engagement. The resulting outcomes focus on areas both Russian and American faculty members want to continue or begin: Professors – Need: incorporate social responsibility into the curriculum; Response: NNU join U.N. PRME, utilize PRME objectives and values; develop curricula for social responsibility to be used in many schools. Write Russian social responsibility textbook; exchange faculty to support writing of text and curricula. Students – Need: develop beliefs/values that support social responsibility; Response: NNU support Students in Free Enterprise projects utilizing telecommunications: pilot joint NNU student program with SAU student program of social responsibility and engagement; for example, class and/ or SIFE projects. Business Practitioners – Need: give best practices media attention as examples and create discussion in public forum concerning social responsibility. Response: give awards for social responsibility and engagement to role models in respective cities by SAU and NNU. Alumni – Need: continue student involvement in civic responsibility after graduation Response: Involve student alumni in mentoring and discussions of social responsibility. Offer a social responsibility award to alumni. Government Relationships – Need: creation of laws which clarify contracts and ownership – protection of consumer from large business manipulation. Response: engage legislators in the social responsibility dialogue with higher education. The symposium concluded with both sides pledging to continue inmutual cooperation to the above responses.