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The 7th Bentley Global Business Ethics Symposium

The Proceedings from the Symposium – Stakeholder Engagement in Practice: Global Challenges, Possibilities and Limitations – is now available and complimentary copies are available upon request. Simply send an email to Tony Buono (abuono@bentley.edu) for a PDF copy.

The 7th Bentley Global Business Ethics Symposium sponsored by the State Street Foundation, held in partnership with Euromed Management:

Stakeholder Engagement in Practice:

Global Challenges, Possibilities and Limitations

Symposium: Monday, May 23, 2011, Euromed Management, Marseille, France

Faculty Development Teaching Workshop, Tuesday, May 24 – Friday, May 27, Euromed Management, Marseille, France

The symposium, the 7th in a multi-year partnership, is intended to unite business and higher education in the common goal of building a strong ethical foundation from which to serve our many constituencies and communities. The event will bring together international experts for in-depth discussions of current practices and challenges in business ethics, corporate responsibility and sustainability. Over 30 speakers and panelists from leading companies, universities and NGOs across the globe will share their thoughts on: The Parameters of Stakeholder Engagement: State of the Art; Strategies for Identifying and Engaging Stakeholders; Why Engage Stakeholders: Benefits and Possibilities; Critical Challenges in Stakeholder Engagement: Tensions and Limitations; Successful Stakeholder Engagement; and Managing Stakeholder Relationships: Trends, Challenges and Next Steps.
The full program and registration details are available at www.bentley.edu/symposium. The Symposium is followed by Bentley’s Teaching Business Ethics Faculty Development Workshop (May 24-27).
Please contact Tony Buono (abuono@bentley.edu) for participation details. The event is held in memory of Timothy B. Harbert, Chairman and CEO of State Street Global Advisors and Trustee and Alumnus of Bentley College.