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SDG Library - Design thinking for sustainable agriculture Module

Content produced by T. A. Pai Management Institute

Introduction to design thinking for sustainable agriculture

The current module introduces the idea of design thinking as a driver of innovation, and how it can be incorporated to promote sustainable solutions to problems. The module will discuss the meaning and importance of design thinking approach providing solutions enhancing sustainability. It provides a case study that details an organization’s path to implement sustainable solution following design thinking idea.

Design thinking is a technique indicating how to approach problems creatively. Design thinking outlines a specific process to solve complex problem ensuring economic and technical viability. This approach states that to provide practical solution one need to approach the challenge from the user’s perspective. At the same time, design thinking is all about getting hands-on; the aim is to turn your ideas into tangible, testable products or processes as quickly as possible.

Design thinking for sustainable agriculture contributes SGD- 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), SGD-10 (Reduced Inequalities), SGD-9 (Industry Innovation and Infrastructure)



Case Study


Group Discussion