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Sustainable Travel and Events Guidance
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Sustainable Travel and Events Guidance

With over 800 signatories worldwide, PRME’s mission is to transform management education and develop the responsible decision-makers of tomorrow to advance sustainable development. This work is done through engaged reporting, sharing and developing resources, but also importantly, through local, chapter-based, and international convening and events. These events, at all scales and in each modality, are a vital means of fostering global collaboration, knowledge exchange, and understanding. However, it's critical to acknowledge the environmental, climatic, and equity implications of these convenings. These events inadvertently contribute to environmental degradation, climate change, and unequal access to information dissemination and networking opportunities. In response to these challenges, PRME must proactively adopt sustainable travel and conference methodologies in alignment with the pressing need for climate action.

To support PRME Signatory Members with this implementation, the PRME Working Group on Climate Change has developed the PRME Sustainable Travel and Events Guidance, which breaks down into Five Fundamentals: 1) Virtual First, 2) Geographic Flexibility, 3) Travel Methods, 4) Event Sustainability, and 5) Continuous Enhancement. The Working Group has provided resources for each of the Fundamentals.

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