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PRME Working Group on Business for Peace

Taking Stock Of Social Impact Investing Startup Africa Greentec’s Impact On Inclusive Development And Peace In Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. Bruce A. Kibler, Natalee Stinebiser, and Lucia Kamati will share their reflections on the impact of Africa Greentech (AGT) on inclusive development and peace in Sub-Sahara Africa. AGT is a social impact investing startup designed to bring solar solutions and other ancillary services to currently unserved or underserved sub-Saharan African villages. AGT is impact-driven and draws upon 11 of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) in measuring its impact.

Dr. Kibler is active in sustainability and economic development, specifically with local solar projects, and is also engaging with Africa GreenTec to bring solar solutions to sub-Saharan African villages. Natalee Stinebiser’s interests are in the areas of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and economic development – on both a local and international level. She has recently become more involved in solar power and energy accessibility projects, specifically working with Africa GreenTec in the International Business Development team. Lucia Kamati has vast experience working on projects in Germany, France, Italy, and Namibia. She is currently coordinating a number of energy projects, including women empowerment programs at Africa GreenTec, with the aim of enhancing opportunities for women in rural communities.

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIsceqhrTgoEtc_aNJJY7CVAIi-O3dHxxqe