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PRME Conference on Strategies for Sustainable Technologies and Innovation (MESD 2009)

Nancy and Metz, France • Aim: to debate and share research questions at the core of sustainable strategic management, which are equally relevant to management scholars, economists, lawyers, sociologists and all the engineering fields concerned. It encourages participants to discuss core questions such as why, when and how strategic technological and innovatory choices will be made and deployed. It will also compare worldwide corporate policies. • Type of participants envisioned: academics, researchâ€oriented practitioners, experts, consultants and other professionals in the area of Sustainable Development, and individuals whose role is to influence the future strategies used by their businesses. The Conference will be especially interesting for representatives from multinational companies: Senior Executives in Sustainable Development, Resource Management, and/or Strategic Planning. • Coordination: Silvester IVANAJ ( silvester.ivanaj@icnâ€groupe.fr ) on behalf of the ICN Business School, the CEREFIGE (Centre Européen de Recherche en Economie Financière et Gestion des Entreprises †a multiâ€university European business research consortium), Nancyâ€Metz, France and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA.

For more information, visit the event website.