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PRME Chapter Talks - SDG Barometer


4:00 - 5:00 pm CET

This edition of the PRME Chapter Talks is organised by Krista Finstad-Milion from ICN (France), Jan Beyne from AMS (Belgium) and Mirjam Minderman (TIAS, Netherlands) from the PRME Chapter France & Benelux.

They will be representing the SDG Barometer project within their respective countries. The purpose will be twofold: (1) to inform other schools about the SDG Barometer research project and the journey of how the project developed through chapter meetings, describing what is currently happening and some first results and (2) to describe the relevance of such a project for furthering responsible management in the region and beyond. The research can stimulate and inspire business, the public and non-profit organizations to take (more) action on the SDGs, stimulate schools to better practice what they preach and moreover result in partnerships and collaboration.