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Gamifying Innovative Pedagogical Tools for Sustainable Learning and Development in B-Schools

15 January 2024

Gamification as a concept is not necessarily a new one, although the term itself may very well be. The basic premise of gamification is that it uses game mechanics for non-game applications. It employs the use of game elements to leverage a participant’s sense of challenge, competition, and reward to educate, change attitude or behaviour and inspire action. Since 2010, over 350 companies have launched major gamification projects. These include consumer brands like MLB, Adobe, NBC, Walgreens, Ford, Southwest, eBay, Panera, and more. In 2014, more than 70% of Global 2000 organizations have at least one gamified application, driving 50% of all innovation. Gamification is increasing in acceptance in the learning and development sphere. The objective of gamification in learning and development is to encourage both enjoyment and engagement through the learning experience by capturing the attention of learners and motivating them to continue learning.

The primary objective of this training program is to provide hands-on experience in using game-design elements and game principles to equip the participants to gamify their learning environments (trainings, workplaces, classrooms etc.), thereby enhancing the process of learning and development.

After attending this program, participants will be: (1) Familiarized with new trending concepts in the area of learning and development and gamification; (2) Equipped with proven learning techniques to gamify their learning environments; (3) Adept in using gamification model and various game elements to enhance learning outputs; and (4) Employ concepts of gamification to promote active learning experiences.

The program will be provided by Dr. Manu Melwin Joy, an accomplished academician, writer and thinker. His research focus includes Gamification, Game based Learning, Serious games and Game thinking. He has completed certification in Gamification from University of Pennsylvania and Design Thinking from University of Virginia. Apart from publishing articles in accredited journals, he has authored seven books with the most recent one titled "PLAYBOUR - Gamification for employee engagement" and has handled 150 international and national sessions on gamification for corporates and higher educational institutions.

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