Coming 11 December: Refreshed Principles of Responsible Management Education

The Principles for Responsible Management Education underwent a Refresh after 15 years. We are excited to share our refreshed Principles with our community on 11 December.

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Call for Papers: PRME LAC World Tour Research Paper Development Workshop

22 February 2024, 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM EST


Register for participation and submit your paper here: PRME World Tour Research Paper Development Workshop: LAC Chapter 2024 ( DEADLINE: 12 January 2024

The workshop will consist of two parts, as follows:

FIRST PART (9:30h-12:00h GMT -5 Central Time)

The first part of the workshop is open to anyone interested in participating and consists of two

  • Editors panel: The intital part of the workshop begins with with experienced
    editors discussin how to craft a research question that not only adds substantial value
    to the existing body of knowledge but also incorporates regional context as a
    distinguishing factor. This approach may help to create theoretical contributions that
    resonate with international peer-reviewed management journals. The panel will
    feature current and former editors and associate editors from general management
    journals such as the Journal of Management Studies as well as specialized
    responsible management journals such as Business & Society, and Journal of
    Business Ethics.
  • Research round table: The second section will consist of a round table of highly
    respected and well known scholars who have expertise about pressing social issues
    and more specifically knowledge about these issues in a Latin American context. In
    addition, the panelists also have experience in publishing this type of research in
    high ranking journals. The scholars will discuss the main challenges and
    opportunities for research in the Latin American and Caribbean region. The round
    table will feature senior scholars such as Steffan Boehm (University of Exeter),
    Punit Arora (City University of New York), Tricia Olsen (University of Minnesota)
    and Jorge Rivera (George Washington University).
  • Q&A/Networking: The audience will have an opportunity to directly ask questions
    to the round table and panel members, and to participate in small group discussions
    in break-out rooms.

SECOND PART (13:00h-15:00h GMT-5 Central Time)

The second part of the workshop is only open to authors who have submitted an extended
abstract or working paper that has been accepted by the organizing committee.

This part of the workshop entails small group discussions where authors will receive direct
feedback on their work in progress from invited mentors who are all experienced scholars
who are editors, associate editors, board members, authors, and reviewers for leading
management journals. Each paper will be assigned one to two mentors.

In order to apply for the SECOND PART of the workshop, submissions may be accepted
according to the following streams:

  • Extended abstracts. Please submit an extended abstract that you seek to publish in an
    indexed scientific journal. It is advised that the submission should be between 2000-4000
    words in length, including references, double line spaced. It is recommended that the
    abstract includes the following subsections: 1) Purpose, research question or research
    objective; 2) Theoretical framework; 3) Methods; 4) Expected results. Please indicate in
    the submission form your target journal or journals.
  • Working papers. Kindly submit an ongoing paper that you intend to submit to a journal.
    Please mention the journal(s) you are targeting in the submission form. We welcome both
    empirical papers (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods) and purely theoretical work.
    The working papers should be 4000-10,000 words long, including references, with double
    line spacing.
  • Please bear in mind that submissions will not be reviewed blind, so please include a cover
    page with authors’ identification (names, institutions, ORCID).

    Accepted papers MUST be in the broad field of corporate sustainability and responsible

    • Responsible management / leadership
    • Corporate responsibility / sustainability
    • Business ethics
    • Social enterprise / social business
    • Circular economy / cleaner production
    • Human rights
    • Humanistic management
    • Indigenous studies

    Priority will be given to papers that:

    • are high quality works in progress;
    • have potential for publication in top tier journals;
    • whose empirical work is representative of one or more countries / regions of Latin America;
    • are focused on topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);

    Another condition for acceptance is that at least one author is either from a Latin American
    and Caribbean country or from a Higher Education Institution located in the region.

    UPDATED Deadline for submission: 12 January, 2024. Please register and submit your work in
    progress to

    The results shall be released on 5 February, 2024.

    Call for Papers