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If you are the focal point for a Signatory Member and haven't received an invitation to join PRME Commons, please update your institution's contact name, title, and email address ASAP in your PRME account and email us at prmecommons@unglobalcompact.org.

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PRME Global

PRME Board Meeting

1. Welcome and Approval of Minutes - Ilian Mihov

2. PRME Secretariat Update

  • PRME Journey to date - Mette Morsing
  • PRME Global Students (PGS) – Sophie Charrois
  • UN Global Compact Strategy Process - Paul Polman & Mette Morsing

3. PRME Strategy – Mette Morsing, Urs Jager, Tima Bansal

  • Presentation of suggested strategic planning and process
  • Two breakout sessions:
    • Brainstorming - Ideas around growth, identity/value proposition, organization/governance in relation to the relationship with the UN Global Compact
    • Prioritization - Key ideas and objectives regarding PRME’s organization, identity, and impact.


5. PRME Board Finance and Risk Committee – Andrew Main Wilson

  • Presentation of the Committee Chair and Members
  • Financial performance in 2020 and projections for 2021-2023
  • Risk Register

6. PRME Board Nominations and Governance Committee – Lisa Fröhlich

  • Presentation of the Committee Chair and Members
  • The Committee’s aspirations for 2021 and beyond – ongoing work on the Terms of Reference (ToR) documents
  • Update on the SIP Impact Sub-Committee – Jim Walsh

7. PRME Annual Report 2020

8. Next Meetings, AOB and Wrap Up - Ilian Mihov