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Opportunity 2024 PRME Faculty Teaching Awards: Applications are open!
03 January, 2024 New York, United States

2024 PRME Faculty Teaching Awards: Applications are open!

*Updated on 2 February to allow Team Applications*

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is excited to announce the PRME Faculty Teaching Awards, recognizing excellence in teaching sustainable development and responsible management practices in business education. The Faculty Teaching Awards seek to honor innovative and impactful pedagogical contributions that advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and align with the pedagogical interests of the PRME community. We believe that by acknowledging and rewarding outstanding pedagogical practices, we can drive meaningful change in transforming business education.

Eligibility: We invite submissions from faculty at PRME Signatory institutions from all levels and disciplines. Faculty should have a passion for transforming management education in order to develop responsible decision-makers of tomorrow to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through innovative and impactful curriculum. We encourage contributions from various business disciplines, as well as contributions that are interdisciplinary in nature. Applications can be submitted from individuals or as a team application of no more than six. Five total winners will be chosen, one per each discipline listed below:

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Marketing

  • Economics

  • Operations & Analytics

  • Management (includes Human Resources, Strategy, International Business, Leadership, and all other disciplines not listed above)

Submission Criteria: Submissions should center around classroom contributions that demonstrate creativity, thoughtfulness, pedagogical excellence, and a strong emphasis on the development of student skills in the advancement of sustainable development. To be considered for the PRME Faculty Teaching Awards, the submission should:

  1. Build on Creative Pedagogies: The submission should showcase innovative approaches to teaching sustainability to business students, emphasizing creativity and novel teaching methods. Content should demonstrate alignment with the principles and goals of the Impactful Five (i5) pedagogical work of PRME, which include the characteristics of (i) meaning, (ii) joy, (iii) active engagement, (iv) social interaction, and (v) iteration in the educational process. Even if you have not engaged formally with the i5 project, we seek impactful pedagogical narratives of our pedagogical framework and encourage you to consider experiences in your classroom that can be extended to the i5 framework. The teaching methods and materials should reflect pedagogical excellence, emphasizing effective and engaging approaches to educating students. More details are provided below on ‘judging criteria’.

  2. Advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Show a clear connection between an undertaken pedagogical approach that links to the SDGs, emphasizing how the teaching contributes to a more sustainable and responsible business world by developing the skill sets of responsible future business leaders. Submissions should demonstrate a significant integration of sustainability principles into business school curricula.

  3. Promote Student Skill Development: Showcase how your teaching methods foster the development of essential skills and competencies among students. Share insights from your students to illustrate how the impacts of the educational efforts and practices have imprinted on them beyond the classroom experience. The submitted content should have a demonstrable and positive impact on students and contribute to the advancement of responsible business education. Evidence through qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method metrics will be considered.

  4. Relevant Across Context: We value diversity and culturally specific pedagogy, yet the submission should be relevant or insightful to instructors in other contexts (ie. inclusive of different values systems) in order to promote shared, global learning. Submissions should demonstrate appropriate rigor and validity within the specific domain or discipline.

Awards and Recognition: The five winners of the PRME Pedagogical Awards will receive global recognition and will present their work at the PRME Global Forum on June 18, 2024. They will also be showcased on the PRME website in an awardee repository that will highlight the winners through narratives and materials from their classroom experience. The repository will be shared across the PRME Signatory community as best-practice pedagogies, contributing to the transformation of business education for sustainable development worldwide. Lastly, winners will receive a digital certificate and a physical award in the mail.

Submission Requirements: Faculty members are encouraged to submit a comprehensive submission, which should include the following components:

  • Cover Letter: The cover letter should showcase the passion for education and highlight important features of the full submission. The letter should reference how you advance the SDGs; the alignment to innovative aspects of your pedagogy, including meaning, joy, active engagement, social interaction, and iteration in your classroom; along with detailed measures taken to advance student skill set development.

  • Letters of Reference: Provide three (3) letters of reference from your Dean or Department Head (1), a university peer (1), and a former student (1) to support the impact and effectiveness of the adopted pedagogy.

  • Sample Classroom Lessons: Include examples of your classroom materials, assignments, or activities that highlight your innovative approach to teaching sustainability, if and how you’ve incorporated the SDGs, and responsible business education.

  • Narrative of Delivery: A detailed description of the pedagogical approaches and their delivery (including innovative methods and creative strategies) that facilitate student engagement effectively in developing them as responsible decision makers of tomorrow.

  • Teaching Notes: Share any insights, reflections, and teaching notes that provide context and guidance to other faculty members who may want to implement similar pedagogical practices.

  • CV: Include an updated CV not exceeding three pages in length.

Judging Criteria: To ensure a fair and transparent evaluation process, submissions will be judged based on a rubric with key, identifiable content. Based on the submission criteria, the following areas of development have been outlined to demonstrate impactful pedagogical work, which contributes to advance the SDGs, promote student skill development, and establish relevance across disciplines. Even though the faculty member may not be teaching formally according to the framework of the Impactful Five (i5), as below, PRME recognizes these as important pedagogical qualities, and will so use these characteristics to judge applications:

  1. Makes Learning Meaningful: Integrates relevant and compelling topics into the course material to engage students on responsible management and make meaningful connections. Examples may derive from traditional or novel pedagogical approaches that infuse creativity, criticality, and student centered learning; or completely novel pedagogies that advance sustainable development.

  2. Fosters Joy and Well-being: Creates joyful learning experiences that support students and enable them to develop lifelong skills for overall wellness.

  3. Facilitates Active engagement: Creates dynamic hands-on experiences in the classroom to encourage the development of responsible leadership behaviors and mindsets.

  4. Develops Supportive Social interaction: Provides opportunities for students to collaborate and demonstrate listening, empathy, respectful communication, and negotiation skills with peers in the course structure. Broadens students' exposure to diverse cultures, disciplines, and perspectives.

  5. Iterates: Allows for learning cycles that facilitate experimentation, error-making, feedback exchange, reflection, and revisions, nurturing a culture where students learn from failures to enhance their understanding and capabilities.

We invite all faculty members to submit their innovative pedagogical contributions and share their insights with the PRME community. Together, we can make a difference and inspire the next generation of responsible business leaders in order to make a positive impact on the world.

Important Dates:

  • Submissions open: 3 January 2024

  • Submissions close: 31 March 2024

  • Notification of decision: 3 May 2024

  • Preparation of contribution to PRME Global Forum and PRME website: May 2024

  • Public announcement of finalists and winners: 18 June 2024 at the PRME Global Forum

If you have any questions about the award, please write to info@unprme.org.

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