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Human Rights in Conflict, Reconstruction and Disaster Zones: Customs, Laws, Conventions and Practicalities

University of Aberdeen, UK The University of Aberdeen and AKE Ltd. announced the dates for the first course in Human Rights in Conflict, Reconstruction and Disaster Zones, which will take place from 9-12 September 2008. This short course is designed for those operating in difficult international areas where an understanding of the complex political, legal and social responsibilities is required. This course was shaped by many years’ experience operating in difficult environments and an understanding of the issues posed by human rights and international law; it is designed for those working in a wide range of sectors including NGOs, the armed forces, governments, the energy industries, the media, corporate social responsibility offices and the private security sector. Speakers include experts in politics, international security, human rights and law as well as experts from the field who have the experience to put the theory into context.