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Conference and Doctoral Consortium on Evaluation Metrics of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

Institute for Social and Economic Organization Research, Lyon, France Knowledge and research methods are elicited through four main academic viewpoints: • Research on corporate and environmental responsibility: pin-pointing the most relevant indicators and performance metrics used to evaluate social and environmental responsibility of companies and stakeholders. • Research methods in management science: taking into account complexity and numbers of variables required to assess social and environmental responsibility, how can we blend and cross-fertilize quantitative, qualitative and qualimetrics research methods in order to better evaluate performance? • Organizational development and change: companies and organizations mainly report results in terms of financial and accounting figures. There is a growing need to foster change management and invest in innovative managerial practices to better integrate social and environmental development actions. Such efforts are up to now largely considered as expenses as opposed to intangible investments in the creation of potential. How can such an organizational change be fostered not only at company level, but also at the level of states and international organizations which create and enforce norms? • The part played by management consultants and by certification organizations, such as ISO: systems and certification programs implement norms and procedures in companies, but they often fail at enhancing coherence between norms, resulting in piling up layers of procedures management practices which hinder company efficiency.

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