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CEEMAN Executive Education Forum 2013

18 - 19 April 2013

CEEMAN Executive Education Forum 2013 will focus on Executive Education: Managing Innovations. As already traditional for CEEMAN ExEd events, the forum will be dedicated to three inter-related themes: key issues related to integrating creativity and innovation into business models and operational practices, the related leadership challenges, and the implications for management and leadership development. The innovations will cover different aspects of business development, while addressing different challenges and opportunities that are specific for the organizations’ size, market positioning and stage in the life-cycle. The highly interactive concept provides space for sharing ideas and experiences, also in the light of the cut-edging ideas provided by leading international authorities in the fields of innovation, creativity and executive education. Use the advantages of early bird registration and register till 1 March 2013.

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

For more information, view event website here.