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2024 PRME Global Students Sustainability Award

Student Organization Mission Statement

SPARK Foundation is dedicated to empowering the next generation through free life education programming, fostering personal growth, and breaking down barriers to access higher education. We strive to ignite a passion for lifelong learning, equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

How has the work of your student organization advanced the SDGs and the Seven Principles for Responsible Management Education?

SPARK Foundation advances the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Seven Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) by providing free life education programming and removing barriers to higher education. This directly contributes to SDGs like Quality Education (SDG 4) and Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10). The organization's commitment to sustainability, philanthropy, adaptability, respect, and kindness aligns with PRME principles, fostering purpose-driven education and responsible management practices. SPARK Foundation promotes dialogue, research, and partnership, cultivating a culture of lifelong learning and innovation. By disseminating knowledge and raising awareness of the SDGs, the foundation empowers individuals to drive positive change. Overall, SPARK Foundation not only addresses societal challenges but also nurtures responsible leaders dedicated to creating a sustainable and equitable world.

How has the work of your student organization built upon creative approaches?

The work of our student organization has embraced creative approaches through empowerment/life skills workshops, community events, and mentorship programs. These initiatives integrate innovative methods to engage participants, such as interactive workshops, virtual platforms for seminars, and tailored mentorship experiences. By incorporating diverse mediums and interactive elements, we enhance the effectiveness and accessibility of our programs, ensuring that participants receive dynamic and engaging learning experiences.

How has the work of your student organization impacted the university ecosystem and local/regional communities?

Our organization has positively impacted the university ecosystem and local/regional communities through partnerships with higher education institutions to host workshops and events. These collaborations foster knowledge exchange and community engagement, enriching the university experience for students and extending educational opportunities to the broader community. By leveraging these partnerships, we create a vibrant ecosystem where learning transcends traditional boundaries.

How has the work of your student organization promoted student development?

Through tailored workshops, mentorship programs, and community events, our organization facilitates holistic student development. These initiatives provide opportunities for skill-building, leadership development, and personal growth(Educates the whole “child”/ youth). Participants gain valuable knowledge, practical skills, and confidence, preparing them for future endeavors. Additionally, our organization fosters a supportive community where students can connect, collaborate, and learn from one another, enhancing their overall university experience and preparing them to become well-rounded, engaged citizens in their communities.

How has the work of your student organization promoted global cooperation?

Our organization promotes global cooperation through partnerships with international organizations for online workshops, and our advocacy work with the UN Youth Office and WFUNA. By collaborating with such entities, we advocate for youth involvement in global issues, fostering cooperation and action towards achieving shared objectives/ SDG’s on a global scale.

Projects and Initiatives undertaken in 2023

  1. SPARK Foundation proudly supports Princess Margaret School's Low Earth Orbit team with a $4000 donation for their upcoming national NASA competition. This talented group will represent Canada in the NASA - student led competition next year, taking place in Alabama!

  2. SPARK Foundation, in collaboration with (International org.) Youth Talks and Higher Education for Good Foundation, hosted an educational seminar aimed at helping individuals discover their passions and make a positive impact in their communities. Participants also learned about utilizing AI for benevolent purposes.

  3. SPARK organized workshops and pitch competitions focusing on solutions for access to quality education. Youth participants learned valuable skills including problem-solving, public speaking, time management, and strategic thinking. A total of $600 was awarded to the top three teams, along with mentorship and an opportunity to present to the school trustees

  4. SPARK Foundation has been named as “Most Empowering Life Education Programming in Canada” by Acquisition International Magazine!

  5. SPARK Foundation has been chosen by TheirWorld and the United Nations to participate in the Spring Meetings in Washington DC. Our founders will advocate for increased funding for education systems, teacher support, and the creation of inclusive classrooms


  1. Deepak Sharma - President of the Board*

  2. Amandeep Boparai - COO, Co-Founder*

  3. Rochelle Prasad - CEO/ Founder*

*Competed in simulation competition