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5th CR3+ Conference: Making Corporate Responsibility Useful

Making Corporate Responsibility useful, April 28-29, 2017, Hanken School of Economics

The fifth CR3+ conference, co-organized by Hanken School of Economics (Helsinki, Finland), Audencia Business School (Nantes, France), ISAE/FGV (Curitiba, Brazil) and La Trobe University Business School (Melbourne, Australia) will take place at Hanken in Helsinki on April 28-29, 2017. The overall theme of the conference is 'Making Corporate Responsibility Useful'. Until now the concept of Corporate Responsibility / Corporate Social Responsibility (hereafter CR), as used in business studies, may have been mostly made useful from the perspective of the ‘business case’, as exemplified by the long debate around the alleged positive relationship between Corporate Social Performance (CSP) and Corporate Financial Performance (CFP). Too often, while the supposed positive impacts of CR on the business bottom line have been a key claim for legitimizing CR practice in business, business schools and business journals, the impacts on society have tended to be less closely investigated, or only from a win-win perspective focusing on obvious positive impacts without problematizing potential negative externalities.

All questions in relation to the conference should be directed to ccr@hanken.fi.

The deadline for a 500-1000 words abstract to be sent to ccr@hanken.fi is 31 October 31, 2016 (acceptance in streams will be based on those abstracts, announced by December 6, 2016) and the deadline for full paper will be March 31, 2017. In your submission, clearly indicate which sub-theme(s), you want your submission to be considered for. See individal Calls for Papers/Tracks here.