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3rd PRME Champions Meeting - Bled 2017

The meeting in Bled is the third face-to-face gathering of PRME Champions for the 2016-2017 cycle. With the Global Forum for Responsible Management Education -- 7th PRME Assembly fast approaching in July 2017, the purpose of this third meeting is to take stock of progress at multiple levels, to paint the bigger picture of Champion activities and to initiate preparations for the PRME Global Forum in July.

In particular, following the PRME Champions Meeting in Limerick and project-specific check-ins throughout the winter, the meeting in Bled will provide the opportunity for:

  • Self and peer-based assessment of the work and progress to date

    • Individual / Institution

    • Cluster / Project-level

    • Champions as a whole (strategic role, criteria for Champions/what is a Champion?)

  • Synthesizing the activity and learning of PRME Champions (as a whole) and ongoing projects into a summary framework/overview

  • Preparing for ‘external’ sharing of Champion outputs with the PRME community and beyond, i.e., new learning, innovations, impact, etc (from Bled to New York in July 2017)

Day 1 - Participants will engage in hands-on work and further re-confirm and agree on the set deliverables, timelines, methods and activities necessary for successfully carrying out the projects.

Day 2 - Recap of Day 1; Interactive panel bringing relevant stakeholders’ perspective (business, government, NGO and students); Strategic discussion on the role and criteria for PRME Champions.

This event is reserved for representatives of PRME Champion schools. For more information, please contact Nikolay Ivanov at

Note for Attendees: IEDC-Bled has reserved rooms at Hotel Astoria Bled with a deadline for reservation extended to 23 January 2017. Contact Nikolay Ivanov for more information.