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2014 Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting

The 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, The Power of Words will take place August 1-5, 2014, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, this year focusing on this theme.

This meeting provides professional development and networking opportunities through workshops, topical discussions, paper presentations, and strategic teaching sessions. For the full programme, visit the website here.

The sessions below are relevant to PRME, and include participation of PRME signatories and the PRME Secretariat. Look out for updates regarding times & dates, as well as newly added sessions.

Participant Development Workshops, August 1st - 3rd:

  • Using the Power of Spiritual and Religious Words to Create a Sustainable and Responsible World Power of Spiritual Words, with Jonas Haertle, Head PRME Secretariat, presenting (Programme Session #10324)
  • Responsible Management Education in Action: Organizational, Curricular, and Classroom Practice
    Responsible Education Action. (
    Programme Session #11068)
  • Cosmopolitanism and Ecological Citizenship: Re-Thinking the Politics of Sustainability Cosmopolitan Sustainability. (Programme Session #10652)
  • The Power of "Her": PRME'ing Gender Equity in the Classroom
    Gender Equity (Programme Session #11766)