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In March 2010, the UN Global Compact and UNIFEM (now part of UN Women) launched the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). The goal of WEPs is to “help the private sector focus on key elements integral to promoting gender equality in the workplace, marketplace and community.”[3] In response to this new initiative, in January 2011 the PRME Secretariat hosted a Human Rights Webinar focused on the WEPs. The goal of the webinar was to consider the relevance of the WEPs for the academic community, and highlight the importance of embedding gender into business school curriculum around the world. During the webinar, participants expressed interest in developing a PRME working group on gender equality (or inequality), in order to further integrate the WEPs into the work of PRME. Discussions were held following the webinar, and the PRME Working Group on Gender Equality was launched in October 2011. The First Webinar of the PRME Working Group on Gender Equality was held on Friday, 18 November, 2011.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the working group, please complete this registration form.

If you would like to learn more about the working group, you may contact the chair or PRME.

Goals & Activities

The PRME Working Group on Gender Equality brings together academics and employers in order to provide support and resources for integrating gender issues and awareness into management education, business school curricula, and related research to facilitate respect and support for the WEPs and PRME.

To accomplish its mission, the Working Group on Gender Equality has established the following goals:

  1. Develop an interdisciplinary network of academics employers and other stakeholders who have integrated, or who are interested in integrating, gender issues into business school curricula, research and other areas where management education takes place. This network will include faculty in the arts & sciences (e.g., anthropologists, sociologists, business historians) as well as those in business disciplines.
  2. Facilitate a global repository of resources for integrating gender into management education and research.
  3. Advocate for new research and the dissemination of knowledge on the integration of gender issues into management education.
  4. Conduct analysis of the UN Global Compact companies and link them as appropriate with the PRME community for research and case study creation.
  5. Work with other PRME partners and working groups to encourage the integration of gender issues into their activities.
  6. Promote awareness and facilitate the integration of gender issues into management education and research, in alignment with the goals of the WEPs.


Maureen Kilgour, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Business and Economics

University of Winnipeg, Canada

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