UN Global Compact initiatives and PRME networks have worked over the years to build partnerships and complementary resources for business, academic, and other stakeholders, and to connect academic thought leaders and the private sector around mutual learning opportunities that address diverse sectors’ needs. To address the gap in management education in the area of Business for Peace and to buid on the work of the Global Compact’s Business for Peace (B4P) platform, the PRME Business for Peace Working Group was officially established in October 2014, at the Inaugural Business for Peace Annual Event on 29-30 September 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey, co-organised by B4P and PRME.

The current PRME B4P Workstream includes academics from fourteen countries: Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Senegal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, and United Arab Emirates.

The PRME Working Groups are teams of academics and practitioners interested in supporting projects on specific thematic/issue areas of corporate sustainability, with the view to translate relevant material for use in management education.

Vision & Goals

The purpose of the PRME Business for Peace (B4P) Working Group is to create a value proposition of continuous, applied research that will provide tools for incorporating business for peace into management education, and encourage the sustained wide-spread integration of contributions to peace into company operations and strategy—while also helping to establish which business practices contribute most directly to peace.

Through an expanding set of stakeholder networks, and based upon its pool of available resources, the PRME-B4P Working Group will work towards three main goals:

  • Awareness-raising: with a special emphasis on identifying opportunities for collaboration among stakeholders and the importance of further establishing the business case for peace.
  • Developing research projects: creating resources focusing on business contributions to peace of value to multiple stakeholders. End products will include case studies and curriculum for management education and practitioners in the field.
  • Expanding networks: through outreach at PRME community events including PRME Regional Meetings and select Global Compact Networks participating in B4P. These meetings will provide platforms and outlets for communicating best practices and lessons learned.

If you are interested in joining the working group, please complete this registration form.

For additional information on the working group, feel free to contact:

Chair: Christina Bache, peacemissions@hotmail.com

Co-Chair: Bob Sicina, bobsicina@aol.com

Keep apprised of community news by joining the B4P Workstream's LinkedIn discussion page.

Activities, Deliverables & Resources


  • The 2016 PRME Business for Peace Annual Event will take place in Dubai between the 25th-27th of October. The event will form part pf the UN Global Compact's Making Global Goals Local Business-Dubai series, a string of events that will explore how responsible bsuiness action on the SDG's can help create the world we want. For more information, visit the event webpage here.
  • At the occasion of the 2015 PRME Global Forum – 6th PRME Annual Assembly, held in New York on 23-25 June 2015, and as part of the 2nd Annual Global Compact Business for Peace Event, the Working Group met to showcase projects, share insights and develop new ideas for collaboration. The group outlined their goals to address lack of communication between civil society, academic and business work on peace, and committed to creating a platform for communication, launching a LinkedIn group to connect B4P members to share ideas and information, expand the network, and continue to develop collaborations from their different geographic locations around the world. As a follow-up step, the group hopes to create a shared research database.
  • A special session during the second day of the Inauguaral Business for Peace Event, September 2014 in Istanbul, Transforming Knowledge and Expertise into Action for Peace, brought together researchers and business practitioners to share recent trends and lessons learned on business contributions to peace. Emphasis here was placed on creating a community of practice and developing partnerships designed to transform knowledge and thought leadership into action for peace. For 2014 Annual Event Proceedings, and further graphic representations of the meeting (as seen below), see here.

Additional Links

Chair: Christina Bache, London School of Economics and Political Science, IDEAS

Vice-Chair: Bob Sicina, Kogod School of Business, American University

Maya Ragab (maya.mohsen@gmail.com), Secretary, B4P Working Group

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