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08 June 2023

United Kingdom

Caledonian Club

Caledonian Club

Partnership Category:

External partnerships on an Institutional level – e.g. community partnerships (such as with local government, with business associations, with NGOs)

Name of Partner:

Five communities in the Glasgow Area

Name of Partnership:

Caledonian Club

Primary purpose:

This is a community development partnership project that contributes to achievement of SDGs 4 (Quality Education) and 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). The overall purpose is to address the chronic underrepresentation of individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds within higher and further education in Glasgow, through provision of long-term programmes, running from nursery through to secondary school level.

Secondary purpose:

Caledonian Club was set up in 2008 with 5 communities in areas of multiple deprivation in Glasgow. Adopting a ‘cluster model’ in each community with a nursery, primary and secondary school, the Club aims to raise aspirations and improve low levels of transition to post-school education, by working with partner children, parents and schools.

Contact for this partnership:

Nathan Tagg


Practical involvement:

Caledonian Club addresses entrenched and inter-related issues of low aspiration, unemployment, social isolation and poor health. The target group for this partnership is made up of children attending nurseries, primary and secondary schools in five areas of multiple deprivation in Glasgow, along with their parents. The Club engages around 100 members of school staff annually in programmes for young people aged consisting of head teachers, deputy head teachers, heads of year groups, class or subject specific teachers and support staff. In the areas where the Club is working, around 18% of children are living in severe child poverty, many are affected by drugs, alcohol, bullying, abuse and live in families where second, third or even fourth generation unemployment is not uncommon. The partnership aims to help break this cycle of deprivation. Through the Club's work with nursery, primary and secondary pupils, their families and communities, it is raising aspirations and building key life skills that will help children reach their full potential.

Benefits of this partnership to the institution as a PRME Champion:

GCU is a values-driven institution, something exemplified by GCU Emeritus Chancellor, the Nobel Laureate and Anti-Poverty campaigner Professor Muhammad Yunus. The idea behind Caledonian Club is to use core expertise in education to deliver GCU’s mission of working “For the Common Good” by widening access to further and higher education for historically excluded groups, and promoting social inclusion. This enables GCU to contribute to SDG 4 - Quality Education, SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, and SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Benefits of this partnership to the partner institution(s):

The Club now works with around 2000 pupils and 400 parents each year in Glasgow. Through this partnership, partner Schools Increase progression rates in school and on to higher education; and help to raise aspirations of all Club members with long-term development of life skills and confidence.

Spillover effects/cross pollination/impact of this partnership:

The spillover effects are in long-term improvements to life chances, and social mobility in the communities served.

Lessons learned from the partnership:

Alignment of the partnership with the Institutional Mission is key, as is commitment from partner schools.

Duration of partnership:

This partnership was established in 2008 and it is ongoing.

Communications about this partnership:



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