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PRME Working Group on Poverty, a Challenge for Management Education

Introduction to the "Restore Nature via SDGs and ESG / Institute of Economics and Peace IEP" Project Workshop

Dr. Shirley Yeung, from the PRME Working Groups on Anti-Poverty and Sustainability Mindset and supported by International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENEDEV), is pleased to offer a new series of community training workshops on Chinese Calligraphy Paintings for NFT Fundraising/ Entrepreneurial Education for PRME Signatory Members that aim to reinvent new social/business model in entrepreneurial education to create impact on students, teachers, SMEs and society.

The Restore Nature with Innovations via SDGs and ESG/ IEP Project seeks to provide an opportunity for relearning culture, content creation, technology, and business engagement outside a traditional classroom setting. A research paper and a demonstration of this project has been presented at the 10th RMER Conference, Portugal, September 2023 with positive comments.

This is a remarkable opportunity for PRME Signatory members to escalate their teaching practices with innovative products/services for responsible management education.

For further information, pls contact Dr Shirley Yeung, Project Convener / Designer / Director, BSSI at: