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PRME Chapter France & Benelux

PRME Chapter France & Benelux Annual Meeting

13-15 October 2021, at TBS Business School in Toulouse, France

Joint event of the PRME Chapter France-Benelux & the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (R2D2)

Become part of the sustainable education of the future, where academics, staff members, students and stakeholders all work together towards increasingly responsible education. Come join us to make a collective impact during this high-profile 3-day event!

TBS Education is therefore pleased to invite the networks of the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles – Les Rendez-vous des Référents du Développement Durable (R2D2) and the PRME Chapter France-Benelux to come together and join forces on October 13-15 at the TBS Lascrosses campus in Toulouse, France. The following student associations will also be joining us for the event: RESES, BNEM, BNEI, Pour un réveil écologique and UNEAP.

For more info, click here: PRME Chapter Conference Information Link