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Mette Morsing

Head, PRME

In her role as the Head of PRME, Mette oversees the strategic development and implementation of the PRME initiative and its entire programmatic work and operations. Please email her at

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Nikolay Ivanov

Manager, PRME

In his role of managing the programmatic work of PRME, Nikolay is working closely with signatories, companies, and UN partners on integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into curriculum, research, and partnerships. Please email him at if you have any questions regarding these workstreams.

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Arielle Chaifetz

Consultant, PRME

Arielle is working on convening the Virtual PRME Global Forum, initiating partnerships and communication strategies to host the largest virtual conference for the PRME community. Please email her at if you have any questions regarding the Virtual PRME Global Forum.

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Sophie Kacki

Coordinator, PRME

Sophie is overseeing communications and participant engagement for the PRME community, acting as the primary point of contact for signatories. Please email her at if you have any questions about PRME in general, SIP reporting, or PRME communications streams.

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Giselle Weybrecht

Editor, PRiMEtime Blog

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