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LUT University

Status Communicating Signatory
Type of Organization University
Parent Organization
Location Lappeenranta , Finland
Website https://www.lut.fi/en/about-lut/faculties/lut-business-school
Member Since 05 June 2015
Last Report Submission 22 May 2023

We educate the problem solvers of the future and produce solutions that promote sustainable business

LUT Business School (LBS) is an agile and sustainably thinking business school located in a university of technology. We are a public, medium-sized business school operating in three locations – the main campuses in Lappeenranta and Lahti and the LUT Mikkeli regional unit. Students in our research-based degree programmes graduate as bachelors, masters and doctors of science in Economics and Business Administration.

We support companies and the public sector by means of scientific research that produces knowledge and solutions in addition of academic forums also for development of companies and societal decision-making.

Our strategic research area is sustainable business revolution:
Driving sustainable growth
Creating value in digital economy

Sustainability is a cross-cutting theme in all LBS programmes, and the school follows the attainment of sustainability-related learning goals. While BSc students are expected to understand the key concepts and frameworks related to responsibility and sustainable business, MSc students are expected to have a profound understanding of their discipline-related responsibility issues and the ability to critically evaluate business decisions from a responsibility perspective.

SIP Reports

Report Title Report Year Country SIP Reports
LUTPRMESIP2023 2023 Finland View Report
LUTPRMESIP2021 2021 Finland View Report
LUTPRMESIP2019 2019 Finland View Report
LUTPRMESIP2017 2017 Finland View Report

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