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Introducing TASK™: Measuring and Monitoring Sustainability Knowledge

PRME has partnered with Sulitest to share TASK™, their tool for measuring and monitoring sustainability knowledge amongst students, with the PRME community. TASK™ (The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge) is a robust measurement tool on an individual's knowledge of sustainability. It provides a certificate that can be used on a CV or LinkedIn profile. It also provides relevant data for measuring, monitoring and steering sustainability education at the level of an organisation. In addition, the detailed and aggregated results make it possible to provide reliable and comparable data on the sustainability knowledge level of a cohort (students or employees) to external stakeholders (accreditation, ranking, etc.).

TASK™ is composed of 112 questions aligned to the Sulitest Knowledge Matrix which itself is inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the planetary boundaries framework (Steffen, W. et al. - 2015), and the model of Doughnut Economics (Raworth, 2017). TASK™ questions explore the multiple interactions between the systemic dimensions of sustainability (i.e., Earth systems and Human welfare systems) and investigate the levers of solution-based actions available to humans to build a sustainable future. Given the complexity of sustainability, TASK™ assesses student cognition across four types of knowledge: descriptive, contextualized, causal, and integrated.

By launching this international assessment initiative, Sulitest aims to create a lever of systemic change that makes sustainability a common language, and thus creates favorable conditions for building sustainable future. PRME Signatories who join the TASK™ Change Leader program this year will benefit from a discount.

In this webinar, the Sulitest team will introduce TASK™ to the PRME community. Additionally, Alison Bailey from the University of Sussex Business School, will be joining to share their first-hand experience in using the assessment.