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On 28 March, the focal point for every Signatory Member will receive an invitation to join PRME Commons for the new SIP 2.0 reporting. If your institution has experienced a recent faculty change that affects who is responsible for PRME-related matters, please update the contact's name, title, and email address ASAP.

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Goethe University Frankfurt, Faculty of Economics and Business

Goethe University Frankfurt

Status Communicating Signatory
Type of Organization University
Parent Organization Goethe University Frankfurt
Location Frankfurt , Germany
Website https://www.wiwi.uni-frankfurt.de/startseite.html
Member Since 30 July 2009
Last Report Submission 31 October 2022

SIP Reports

Report Title Report Year Country SIP Reports
SIPGoetheUniversity2022 2022 Germany View Report
SIPGoetheUniversity2019 2019 Germany View Report
PRMESIPReport2017SharingInformationonProgressGoetheUniversity 2017 Germany View Report
17PRMESIPReport2015GoetheUniversityFrankfurt 2015 Germany View Report
17GoetheUniversityPRMESIPReport2013 2013 Germany View Report
GoetheUniversityPRMESIPReport01.10.2011 2011 Germany View Report