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The regional PRME Chapter Brazil is constituted by 21 institutions and was formally established on 8 August 2014 at ISAE in Curitiba, Brazil. The main goal of the Chapter will be to promote corporate sustainability in the ongoing debate on management practices, and joining efforts to innovate management education. All participants in the Brazil Chapter share a vision of developing responsible leaders and contributing to the platform for responsible management education in Brazil.

The idea for a PRME Chapter Brazil first came together in 2011 at the International Meeting in Education and Sustainability, hosted by ISAE/FGV in Curitiba, Brazil. Initially, seventeen different business and management schools agreed to join PRME and the group received strong support from the Global Compact Network Brazil.

During 2012, the Chapter undertook several efforts with the goal of strengthening the movement towards responsible management education in Brazil. To unite the group, ISAE hosted a number of meetings where new signatories were able to benefit from discussions with signatories experienced in implementing of the Six PRME Principles. Lectures given by representatives of the different signatories helped to disseminate this world of ideas, solutions, innovations, boundaries and lessons learned.

Also in 2012, further PRME-related events took place around the country, including in the capitals São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba and several cities in the countryside. The Chapter played an active role in hosting the 3rd Global Forum for Responsible Management Education in Rio de Janeiro, an effort that it is likely to reinforce in its future activities.

In March 2013, the PRME Brazil Chapter and the Brazilian Committee of the Global Compact hosted a session discussing the challenge of sustainable leadership in the context of PRME. Read the news item here.

See the Chapter's 2014 Activity Report here.

See the Chapter's 2015 Activity Report here.

This PRME Chapter organises around four meetings a year that we welcome you to attend.

The PRME Chapter Brazil aims to amplify the movement of responsible management education in Brazil by expanding to include schools from the northeast and eastern regions of the country. Key challenges and goals are to develop research partnerships on corporate sustainability themes, to increase the number of signatories in the region, and to scale implementation. Engaging important actors in the public educational sector is an example of such activities.

Examples of PRME Chapter Brazil's activities include:

  • Growing Sustainability Literacy Test participation in Brazil: Through efforts of PRME Chapter Brazil schools and coordination and outreach by the Chapter, Brazil became the country with the second highest number of respondents - 2,067 students. Schools ISAE and FEA/USP developed questions around the Brazilian sustainability context, and translated the website, respectively, while signatories committed to sending the online questionnaire to their students, in order to facilitate Brazilian student participation. The Sustainability Literacy Test measures the level of students' knowledge on sustainability. The online questionnaire has 70 questions – 50 on global knowledge and 20 on regional knowledge. Find out more here
  • Include Initiative - UNDP Brazil: Launched on 23 September 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Iniciativa Incluir platform encourages private sector companies to develop innovative business models that combine profitability with development impact, in support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Incluir provides a platform for companies to demonstrate their commitment to development and to access global expertise on innovation engage people living at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). PRME Chapter Brazil has been a strategic partner of this initiative, working to identify opportunities for coordination and mobilisation, and combining efforts in favor of inclusive business. The Brazilian Chapter developed the call for schools who would like to subscribe and be part of the project. PRME signatories ISAE, Fundação Dom Cabral, ESPM and FEA/USP have been selected to develop 22 case studies.

PRME Chapter Brazil Chair 2020: José Fares (FIEP)

For more information, kindly contact:

Secretariat (Focal Point): Sesi/PR. Aline Calefi Lima - aline.lima@sistemafiep.org.br

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