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2024 PRME Global Students Sustainability Award

Student Organization Mission Statement

Through its organizational pillars of Academic Excellence, Organizational Innovation, Personal Development, and Social Responsibility, the Business Management Society (BMS) is committed to fostering holistic engagement, dynamic enhancement, and strategic innovation among its members today in order to shape them into competent business leaders who will soon be the catalysts of nation-building, social dependability, and economic development.

How has the work of your student organization advanced the SDGs and the Seven Principles for Responsible Management Education?

While the Business Management Society (BMS) aims to create events that are engaging towards the student community, organization leaders ensure that participants are provided with an opportunity for holistic growth and development. This is achieved through raising awareness about sustainability and responsible practices through campus events, workshops, fundraisers, and social media campaigns. Aside from the planning and execution of these events, the organization’s wide network enables it to reach a broader audience, allowing more individuals to learn about the topics that are related to sustainability.

How has the work of your student organization impacted the university ecosystem and local/regional communities?

One of the primary initiatives of the organization has been to support tuition fees of underprivileged students from Aplaya Elementary School in Santa Rosa, Laguna. The Business Management Society is able to raise funds for this through fundraising activities held throughout the year. In doing so, the organization is able to support communities beyond the university campus, and promote SDGs such as No Poverty (SDG 1), Quality Education (SDG 4), among others.

Within the university ecosystem, the organization provides support to students.

How has the work of your student organization promoted student development?

The Business Management Society (BMS) is renowned in the DLSU community for providing one of the best leadership training programs and career development seminars. Each year, we conduct over 18 seminars and workshops that help students create their resumes, tackle case studies, and participate in mock job interviews. Additionally, our leadership training sessions are reputed for producing top-quality student leaders. Many of our leaders go on to secure high-paying jobs after college with various FMCG companies such as Nestle, Kimberly-Clark, Coca-Cola, and many more.