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University of Dayton School of Business Administration

University of Dayton

Status Communicating Signatory
Type of Organization Business School or Department
Parent Organization University of Dayton
Location Dayton , United States of America
Website http://udayton.edu/business
Member Since 02 June 2009
Last Report Submission 05 July 2018

UD-SBA January 2018-December 2019 SIP

As a Catholic, Marianist business school, our mission is to prepare students to be business leaders with the ability to employ business knowledge and skills in a manner consistent with Catholic and Marianist values for the benefit of all stakeholders. Our curricula and co-curricular activities rely strongly on the University of Dayton approach to experiential learning. University of Dayton experiential learning advances active learning and reflective practice focused on real human problems and needs, enabling students to cultivate their gifts, appreciate the interdependence of self and community, and discover higher purposes for life, learning and work. This engagement with practice occurs inside and outside the classroom, on-campus and off-campus, as an individual and as part of a team. Opportunities for blending of theory and practice occur in every major throughout the entirety of each of our business programs.

SIP Reports

Report Title Report Year Country SIP Reports
SIPJan2016Dec2017 2018 United States View Report
UDSBAPRMESharingInformationonProgressReportdraftjuly182016 2015 United States View Report
UDSBAPRMEProgressReport2012 2012 United States View Report
UDSBAPRMESharingInformationonProgressReportJanuary242011 2011 United States View Report